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wholesale sweets flavoured vodkas

Flavoured vodkas

It always amazes me how a taste can instantly transport you back to your childhood. A taste that gets me every time is Drumstick lollies. I used to love them when I was younger. Now I prefer Squashies, they taste like Drumsticks but are easier to eat! I do love retro sweets and when I decided to make some flavoured vodkas for Christmas, I couldn’t decide between Squashies, Palma violets and giant strawberries.

Squashies won! I didn’t want to make a full bottle of Squashies vodka in case I didn’t like it so I split the bottle in half and added Maltesers to the other half.

wholesale sweets flavoured vodka

The bottles were from The Range and only cost £2.49 each.

How to make

They’re really very easy to make. We poured half a bottle of vodka into a clean, empty bottle that had a screw top lid then put a 120g box of Maltesers into one bottle and a bag of Squashies into the other. We actually put a bag and a half of Squashies into ours but we soon found out you can put too many sweets in! They’ve been in there for over a month and loads of the sweets just didn’t dissolve. We had to add more vodka. When I poured it through the strainer today, there were a few bits not totally dissolved so I think a 160g bag of Squashies will do the job.

Give the bottles a shake every few days. When it looks like the sweets have dissolved, pour through a strainer to catch any undissolved bits. Trasnfer to a bottle and enjoy!

I’m considering making them for Christmas presents next year. I if I do, I’ll pick up a couple of bottles each time I go to The Range to spread the cost and buy wholesale sweets to save me money 🙂
You can use the cheapest vodka you can find because the sweets provide the flavour. I want to try loads of other flavours, like pear drops, fruit salads, palma violets and Werthers.
I think making them for gifts will be the best idea because I’ll be able to taste them but won’t have to drink the whole bottles! Contrary to what the husband may say, I don’t drink vodka very often. Anymore.

I think I’m going to have to dilute my squashies vodka with lemonade as it is because it’s a bit too strong for me!

Kevin the carrot is so cute! #kevinthecarrot

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Aldi Christmas advert 2016 Kevin the carrot

Kevin the carrot

The girls and I love Kevin the carrot! He’s so cute! The new Aldi Christmas advert made us smile all the way through and made us laugh at the end 🙂 It made me feel all warm and Christmassy, which is what I expect from a Christmas advert.

Ella loved the bit where he falls on the grater and grates his bum!

We’re eagerly awaiting the John Lewis Christmas advert but until then, we love this little guy!

*EDIT* There’s a part 2!

*EDIT AGAIN!* The John Lewis Christmas advert has been released and I wasn’t impressed I’m afraid. I love this new video of Kevin the Carrot. I laugh out loud every time I watch it and yes, I’ve watched it a few times now! We absolutely LOVE that little carrot!!


Do you look forward to the Christmas adverts, like me or do you think I’m a little bit nuts?!

Christmas dresses from Boohoo

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BooHoo Christmas dresses

Christmas Dresses

Every year since they were born, I’ve bought the girls a new Christmas dress each. They wear their dresses when we go to Nanny’s Christmas party and again on Christmas Eve when we have our open house buffet.

We usually go to Asda and they pick the dress they want, usually something totally different to each other. Kaycee has a thing about not looking anything like Ella. I must have put her off after dressing them in the same clothes for years when they were little!

They look forward to choosing them every year and were really excited when I showed them the dresses on BooHoo.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the lovely dresses and with the prices. I’d not heard of BooHoo and I was expecting them to be expensive but I was pleasantly surprised. The ones they chose were only £8 each. We usually spend more than that at Asda. Because they were such a good price, I let them pick two each!

Unfortunately, Kaycee’s second choice didn’t quite fit her so Ella’s going to keep it and we’re going to order another for Kaycee 🙂

BooHoo Christmas dresses

BooHoo Christmas dresses

I totally forgot to remove the Halloween decorations before I took the photo!

This is Ella’s second dress.

BooHoo Christmas dresses

She absolutely loves both them.

Kaycee loved her second choice and was disappointed when it didn’t fit but she soon cheered up when she realised it meant she could shop again!


We were given store credit in return for an honest review.


Christmas wish list from UncommonGoods

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wish list unicorn mug


At this time of year, people start asking me what I want for Christmas. When I’m put on the spot I can never think of a single thing I want! To help with this, I’ve made a wish list!

I’ve also added some things I’d like to buy the super wonderful husband and the kids, which isn’t surprising. Every time I go shopping for something for myself, I end up buying for the kids instead!

There are some really lovely gifts for women on which you can find here.
UncommonGoods feature items from artists to small manufacturers. They don’t sell items containing leather, feathers or fur. They’re committed to providing goods that don’t harm animals or people.

One of the things I’m most impressed with is their Better To Give Program. When you place an order, you can choose a non-profit organisation to receive a $1 donation from UncommonGoods. They’ve donated $1,000,000 since the program began.

UncommonGoods wish list

For the ladies

Number 1 – This smartphone vase would look lovely on our bedside tables. At bedtime, the girls often want to use my phone to put songs on YouTube.  They like to sing to me instead of having a story sometimes. Being able to stand the phone up so they can see the lyrics and have it charging at the same time would be great.

Number 2 – I NEED one of these automatic handbag lights in my life! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to empty my bag because I can’t see to find something. It automatically lights when it senses your hand is close and switches off after a few seconds when you close your bag so it saves battery life.

Number 3 – We have big plans for our garden next year. While Ant thinks about the practical things we need to buy for the garden, I’m always drawn to pretty ornaments! This lovely fairy would be right at home in our garden 🙂

For the men

Number 4 – In the gifts for men section, which can be found here, I saw this set of beer glasses. Ant likes a glass of beer now and then and he loves having the right glass for the right drink. He’d be very happy to get this under the tree at Christmas.

Number 5 – Staying with the beer theme, a Chillsner would be perfect for him. He often has trouble fitting his beer in the fridge and he can’t drink warm beer. Being able to chill his beer while drinking it would be great for him!

Number 6 – My third choice for Ant would have to be this eyeglasses holder. He’s always putting his glasses down then asking us where he’s left them!

For everyone

Number 7 – For everyone in the house, including the teen, I’d get these shower squids. They’re great fun and would help keep the shower area organised, for a change!

Number 8 – For my girls, I would have to buy them one of these unicorn mugs. Actually, I think I’d have to buy one for myself as well. I LOVE them! They’re so cute and us girls have a thing for mugs!

For more Christmas gifts, visit UncommonGoods and have a look around. When you need something for someone who is hard to buy for, I’m sure you’d be able to find that perfect something 🙂


This is a collaborative post

Skegness Aquarium – Great day out

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Skegness Aquarium

We spent the week in a caravan at Mablethorpe for half term last week. We’ve been quite a few times and usually, visit either the Seal Sanctuary or Hardy’s Animal Farm.
While Googling for prices to Hardy’s, I saw a link to the Skegness Aquarium. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the animal farm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great family day out but I wasn’t in the mood for another farm visit.

I talked to Ant and we decided to give the aquarium a go seeing as we’d never been.

Very Impressed

We were really very impressed with the whole experience. I booked a family ticket online for £27 which was for 2 adults and 2 children.
If you buy a family ticket, you can then get a pass which entitles you to visit again in the same week for only £2 per person, per visit.

We enjoyed it so much, we went back again for a second visit!

Skegness aquarium


We found Nemo! Dory was spotted as well but I didn’t manage to get a photo!



I adore seahorses. I spent ages just watching them while the girls were in The Stockade








When Ella saw the diver with the sign below, she got very excited. She wanted to book a dive there and then. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit in with our budget so we couldn’t book it but she’s now determined to save her Christmas, birthday and any other money she gets so she can have a dive with Nudge, a shark who she now loves! I did try to get a photo of Nudge but he was too fast for me and they all ended up blurry!


The Stockade

Below is The Stockade. The lovely girls (sorry if any guys work in the stockade, we didn’t see any when we visited but some might work there in other days!) do face painting, arts and crafts and games with the children. All of it is included in the ticket price which I thought was absolutely brilliant. Most places like this charge for extras and the day ends up costing a fortune.


The girls got glitter tattoos when we went on Friday because they were doing a special Halloween weekend. Here’s Ella taking part in musical statues.



Wet Labs

Below is Judith who we think is the absolute star of the aquarium. She does the talk when the divers are feeding the fish and she gets the children to ask the divers questions and writes them down for them to read. They then write back their answers and Judith reads them out.

Here she is doing her other job which is the Wet Labs Touch Pool Session. She spent around half an hour, at least, talking to Kaycee and Ella and answering their many, many questions! She was wonderful with them, so patient and knowledgeable.  We really were very impressed with her.


I learnt something from her that I previously didn’t know. In the photo below you can see a mermaid’s purse. I’d never heard of these. She told us that a mermaid’s purse is the egg casing that surrounds the fertilised eggs of some sharks, skates and chimaeras.




You not only find fish here, they also have other things like scorpions, millipedes and spiders amongst others.





Solve a quiz, get some treasure

When you arrive, the kids are given a quiz to do on their way round the aquarium. You have to find the answers to the questions by reading the info boards.
At the end, they’ll get some treasure.

Coffee time

When we were ready for a coffee, we headed up to The Bistro. We were expecting to have to buy expensive cups of coffee but again we pleasantly surprised. The mugs of coffee were massive! Ant had an americano, I had a hot chocolate, also massive, and the girls had a slushy each. It came to about £8 which we thought was a great price. We’d already eaten but if we hadn’t, we’d have eaten there because the food prices were great as well.

While we relaxed with our coffee, the girls went in the soft play area, which again, was included in the ticket price.

In conclusion, we’ve never been as impressed with a family day out as we were with Skegness Aquarium. It was well worth the money, we spent around 3 hours there and could have stayed longer if it had stayed open later!

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

I wasn’t asked to write this review. We had such a great time, we just wanted to share it with everyone 🙂

Pura coconut oil and Ant’s delicious bread

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pura coconut oil

Baking bread

I’ve posted before about Ant’s delicious home made bread. He’s always trying new recipes and different ways to make his bread better. We were sent some Pura coconut oil and coconut oil spray and he tried using them in his recipes instead of his regular oil.

The results have been excellent since he’s been using the pura coconut oil. The texture has improved and the crust is delicious.
Pura has no coconut flavour so you can use it in many recipes with complete confidence.

pura coconut oil

Here’s a bit about Pura:

Pura Organics was launched in 2010 to supply the organic market. Pura Coconut Oils are the latest addition to our range.

Purity is key. Our brand opposes the use of hydrogenation, emulsification and additives. We focus on oils and blends that deliver performance and leading quality.

Coconut oil has seen a huge surge in popularity with potential benefits of using it for everything from teeth whitening to baking. However, solid coconut oil has its limitations and we wanted to create a liquid product that is versatile and ready for anything in the kitchen.

pura coconut oil

pura coconut oil

pura coconut oil


Pura sent us some coconut oil in exchange for an honest review

Meringue crown fit for a queen! #GBBOBloggers2016

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Banoffee Meringue Crown made by Kaycee (9) Inspired by The GBBO

Meringue crown

Kaycee (11) was adamant that she wanted to do the final bake after winning star baker with her apple and cinnamon filo pastry tarts 🙂
She wanted to do everything from the GBBO final! I thought about it but after careful consideration, I had to break it to her that we just wouldn’t have the time.
We settled on making just the 3 layered meringue crown with a banoffee filling.Read more: Meringue crown fit for a queen! #GBBOBloggers2016

November monthly bucket list

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November bucket list

Each new month seems to be rolling around faster and faster, I can’t believe it’s November already. Even Ella has said this year is flying by! It’s time for my monthly bucket list again so here’s how I did in October.

November bucket list

  1. Carry on with sorting the SEO on my blog posts (this is going to be on every month til it’s done!)
    Still working on it 🙂
  2. Finish the last of my Christmas present shopping and get my online grocery orders organised. I use the shopping list feature on Tesco and Asda to plan ahead. I can then just add them to my basket when I’m ready to book a delivery.
    Still working on it! I’ve got most of my lists done and only a few presents left to buy. I’m planning on going shopping tomorrow so hopefully, I’ll be able to finish up
  3. Go on holiday to Mablethorpe with Ant and the girls 🙂
    We had a great week with much better weather than last time. I’ll be posting about our visit to Skegness aquarium later in the week.
  4. Get all the posts for the month done and scheduled so I can take a total week off when we’re on holiday. I’m taking part in #Blogtober16 which is a daily prompt for a blog post so I can get them done in advance.
    I did manage to get all my blog posts scheduled so I didn’t have to worry about the blog at all while we were away 🙂

In November I plan to:

  1. Carry on with the SEO work on old blog posts.
  2. Get the Christmas decorations from the loft and check to see if there’s anything we need to buy.
  3. Get my 7.5 stone weight loss award back at Slimming World. I need to lose 10lb to get back to the weight I was when I got my award.
  4. Clear and organise under the stairs. It keeps getting so messy you can’t get in there because no one can be bothered to put shoes on the rack or coats on the hooks. Then they’re complaining to me in the mornings because they can’t find shoes/coats/school bags/P.E. kits!
  5. Sort the chore chart out again. Everyone has their own chores but only Aiden does his consistently. The girls keep ‘forgetting’. We need a routine and the chart helped last time.
  6. Get the whole house cleaned so it’s all lovely when we put the decorations up on the first Saturday in December 🙂

Gratisfaction UK – Grab some freebies!

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Gratisfaction UK freebies

Grab some freebies!

Everyone loves freebies, don’t they? I know I do! I was recently introduced to a website called Gratisfaction UK where you can find loads of free stuff.
There are links to free samples, money off coupons and competitions, to name a few.

Gratisfaction UK freebies

I found an offer straight away that is perfect for me. For letting Tesco know when my home, car or pet insurance is due I can get 100 Clubcard points added to my account 🙂
The 100 points offer is available until February 2017 and is on page one of the freebies tab.
I’ve been collecting Clubcard points for years and I’m always looking for ways to increase my total. I used to save them all and double them up at Christmas but now they’ve stopped the double up, I use them to get tickets or coupons. Last month I got some tickets for Fantasy Island at Ingoldmills. Ant and the girls got a day pass wristband each and used them when we went on holiday last week.

On page 2 there’s a link to a new recipe sharing website called Gourmandize UK and Ireland. They’re offering a free 10 page recipe book, printed for you and using your own recipes. This would be a great Christmas gift for the foodie in your life!

There are hundreds of offers but be warned, it’s easy to lose track of time looking through them all and you’ll find yourself realising it’s suddenly time and you should be cooking dinner!
But don’t worry, there’s a link to Frankie and Benny’s where you can claim £10 off your next meal by downloading the app!!


This is a collaborative post.