Sainsbury’s Gogglebox Christmas Advert

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Sainsburys Gogglebox Christmas advert

Gogglebox and Sainsbury’s

I didn’t put the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert on the blog with the other Christmas adverts because, whilst it was ok, we all thought it was a bit long and not brilliant. The message is good, though; the greatest gift we can give our family is our time and I like that James Cordon is singing. He’s one of my favourite celebs but even that didn’t make it a great Christmas advert.
Now, the Sainsbury’s Gogglebox Christmas advert is brilliant!

Sainsburys Gogglebox Christmas advert

We LOVE Gogglebox. Every time we watch it, we’re always sad when it’s finished. We’d like it to be on for 2 hours instead of one!



The likeness of the people is excellent and it made us laugh all the way through 🙂

Here’s the original advert, just in case you haven’t seen it!

Christmas shopping – Nearly finished!

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Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping

I like to be organised for Christmas. Most of you know I’m a bit of a Christmas nut and I do Christmas shopping all year round!

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I’ve used since 2007. I add new sheets for each year, saving all the previous ones so I can make sure I don’t give the same gift again.
Everything is on there. I have the present list, obviously. I also have lists for Christmas Eve buffet food and Christmas Day lunch. You name it, my Excel sheet has it!

My groceries are already ordered for every week in December from Tesco and Asda. Tesco gave me some money off vouchers earlier this week. I usually shop at Asda but now I’m taking advantage of nearly £50 in savings from Tesco! I’ve got bits added to the grocery shop each week like bottles of alcohol for our Christmas Eve party. I like to spread the cost 🙂

Christmas shopping

Buying in the sales

I start buying in the sales after Christmas, stocking up on cards and wrap when Asda sell them off really cheaply and picking up any presents for the kids that I know they’ll still like a year later.

Whilst I love being so organised, I’m a bit sad that I’ve just about finished because it means I don’t have to get the super wonderful husband to take me shopping on a Thursday afternoon now while the kids go to their Granddad’s for dinner after school!
I’ve done loads of shopping online but I’ve really enjoyed going out shopping with Ant and I’ll miss it.
In contrast, the super wonderful husband is very happy about this as driving and shopping are not his most favourite ways to pass the time!

Birthdays in December

Whilst I’m just about organised for Christmas, birthdays are another matter entirely. The super wonderful husband and his first wife had eight children together. Four of them have birthdays just before Christmas. I’ll say that again….four of them! We also have a grandchild and a niece with a birthday in December and my eldest son’s dad has his birthday in December as well. December for us is even more expensive!

This is where I turn to the web for help. Every Day is Black Friday is a site that trawls the net, finding items at the lowest price. I’m sure no one wants to pay full price for anything if they can help it but it takes far too long having to search every site yourself.
I can find all the presents I need from the one site. I save myself some money in the process and do it all in the warmth of my own home. A fact I’m sure the super wonderful husband is very happy about 🙂

Christmas shopping


This is a collaborative post

New York City Break – Christmas Shopping!

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New York City break

New York city break

One of my dreams is to take the girls Christmas shopping on a New York City break. I’ve wanted to go Christmas shopping in New York for as long as I can remember.

When I was 18 my aunt paid for me to go to America for a month. I was planning on moving there to become a live-in nanny like she was.
It was a really exciting time for me when  I found out I was going to New York. At the time, though, I didn’t realise she lived in New York state, not New York City! It was a little disappointing knowing I wasn’t going to be able to go to New York City but the trip was so amazing, it wasn’t a big deal.

We stayed in Albany in New York state for a couple of weeks then went for 2 weeks in a log cabin in Vermont.
If I could live in that log cabin for the rest of my life, I’d move there tomorrow!

Historic New York

Getting back to the city break, though, I don’t only want to go shopping the whole time we’re there. I want to show the girls some of the historic landmarks. It would be a good opportunity for them to learn about another part of the world.

Obviously, we’d want to visit the world famous landmarks. The Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building are a must. I also want to take them to some not so well known places.
I Googled and found an article detailing the top 7 overlooked historical landmarks in New York City.
The New York Historical Society looks like a brilliant place to find out about specific periods of New York City history.

We’re going to start saving for our trip next year and we’ve invited their sister, Kellyann, my best friend, Jo and their sisters in law, Gemma and Netty. It’s going to be a brilliant weekend away and I really can’t wait.

We’ll be on the lookout for some bargains while we’re there, let’s hope the exchange rate is better when we go than it is now!



Christmas card tutorial #BostikBloggers

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Bostik bloggers Christmas card craft

Christmas card tutorial

Here’s Ella’s Christmas card craft for this months Bostik Bloggers challenge. She’s taken her own photos and written the instructions herself (the only help she’s had from me was with the photos. I had to resize and crop them for her as we ran out of time for me to show her how to do it).

She’s been very excited at the thought of being able to write the post herself 🙂

Over to Ella!

You will need:

  • assorted buttons
  • black felt pen
  • white glue
  • bumpy-edged card
  • stickers that say ho ho ho and happy Christmas
  • Christmas spirit!

Bostik bloggers Christmas card



  • first, you’ve got to pick four nice buttons and glue them on at different heights (like in the photo)
  • now draw the strings and a bow
  • then add five stars and five love hearts to the corners
  • finally, add the ho ho ho and happy Christmas stickers

Bostik bloggers Christmas card craft


Christmas card tutorial in association with Bostik, Tots 100 and Craft Merrily

Decorating for Christmas with HomeSense

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Decorating for Decorating for Christmas with Homesense

Christmas decorating with HomeSense

Two words I love to hear together: Christmas and HomeSense! I love decorating for Christmas and visiting HomeSense when they have Christmas stock in, is one of the things I look forward to when I’m Christmas shopping 🙂

They have a huge range of decorations, including some really gorgeous snow globes. If I had room, I’d be a snow globe collector. They always felt magical to me when I was younger.

Homesense decorating for Christmas

There’s something about Nutcrackers. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t get enough of them!

Decorating for Christmas with Homesense


Decorating for Christmas with Homesense

Ant bought me a Santa like this last year. I love him and can’t wait to stand him on the hearth at the side of the fire when we decorate 🙂

Decorating for Christmas with Homesense

Decorating for Decorating for Christmas with Homesense


 Decorating for Christmas with Homesense

These angels are beautiful. If I hadn’t already bought a new angel for the top of our tree, I’d have to go with the second one. (I love the first one but I think she’s made of wood and wouldn’t sit on top of the tree very well!)

 Decorating for Christmas with Homesense


 Decorating for Christmas with Homesense


 Decorating for Christmas with Homesense

Don’t you just adore this sparkly Nutcracker? I do!


HomeSense sent me a gift card in return for this post. I had a wonderful shopping trip! You can see my purchases on another post soon 🙂

Waitrose Christmas Robin #HomeForChristmas

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Waitrose Christmas robin advert 2016

Waitrose Christmas Advert

Awwww it’s a robin. I love them, they’re my favourite bird and not just because they’re a symbol of Christmas!

When I was working in Nanny’s garden a few summers ago, I had a daily visitor. A young robin would come really close to me and pick over the dirt I was digging up, looking for food.
It was really friendly and I looked forward to seeing it every day.Read more: Waitrose Christmas Robin #HomeForChristmas

Foam sheet and gem Christmas wreath #BostikBloggers

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bostik bloggers november craft gem foam Christmas wreath

Christmas craft

Kaycee, Ella and I all wanted to make our own craft this month so we have 3 different tutorials! We love Christmas crafts and couldn’t decide on just one. This is Kaycee’s craft. She’s making a lovely Christmas wreath using a foam sheet and gems.

She’s taken the photos and will be writing the instructions 🙂

You will need:

  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • lots of gems
  • a green foam sheet or a pre-cut wreath
  • glue
  • a paintbrush

Bostik bloggers craft gem and foam sheet Christmas wreath

Using a paintbrush, brush the foam shape with PVA glue and start to stick different coloured gems onto it.

Bostik bloggers craft gem and foam sheet Christmas wreath

Fill all the foam shape but leave nice gaps between the gems

Bostik bloggers craft gem and foam sheet Christmas wreath

Leave a space at the top to stick a ribbon bow on.

bostik bloggers november craft gem foam Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath tutorial in association with Bostik, Tots 100 and Craft Merrily

M&S Christmas advert #LoveMrsClaus

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M&S Christmas advert 2016 Mrs Claus

Mrs. Claus

Absolutely love the M&S Christmas advert. It made me smile and it made me laugh. I felt all Christmassy, which is what I want from a Christmas advert.

I love that Mrs.Claus has a helicopter and a hidden wardrobe, like a secret agent! She looks great in her big snuggly jumper and wooly socks 🙂

Kevin the carrot is still my favourite but this one comes a close second. It’s made up for the disappointment I felt over the John Lewis ad!

The kids on the advert reminded me of Kaycee and Ella. Ella does lots of things to Kaycee that really annoys her but when it comes down to it, she adores her. Ella can’t help crying along with her if Kaycee’s upset!

M&S Christmas advert 2016 Mrs Claus

My autumn wardrobe wish list

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Love the Sales Marisota autumn coat

Autumn clothes wish list

Out of the blue, Kaycee asked me a question the other day. She wanted to know if I ever bought clothes for myself. She’s used to us buying clothes for her and Ella when we’re out shopping but she couldn’t remember seeing me buy any clothes for myself.
The reason for that is because I don’t buy clothes for myself! I figured it was about time I changed that seeing as it’s getting colder now it’s autumn. I only really have 2 warm cardigans that I like and they’re both looking decidedly tatty!

So here’s my wish list to help me stay warm and cosy :0)

autumn wardrobe Top Shop longline funnel neck jumper Love the Sales

Top Shop – was £17.99 now £13.49

Autumn wardrobe Love the Sales Marisota asymmetric top

Fifty Plus – Was £25.00 now £8.00

Autumn wardrobe Love the Sales Fashion World trousers

Fashion World – Was £15 now £12

I’ve picked a new coat as well from the women’s coat sale section. The one I currently wear was purchased by me in 1999! The reason I remember is because not long after I bought it, I got pregnant and couldn’t wear it for a while. My son was born in April 2000 and I’ve been wearing it every winter since!

I have bought one other winter coat but gave it to the charity shop after never wearing it because it wasn’t as comfy as my old one!

Love the Sales Marisota autumn coat

Marisota – Was £57 now £26

I went to Love the Sales to find my wish list items. I don’t like paying a lot for my clothes when I have to buy them so I figured this would be the perfect place to find bargains. Talking of which, Black Friday will be with us soon. Here’s the link to find your own Black Friday bargains and if you’re after some new perfume (I am, I’ve decided I’m not saving perfume for best anymore, life’s too short for that nonsense!) check out the perfume sale. I’ll be adding some to my Christmas wish list when the family asks me what I want 🙂

You’re welcome 🙂


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John Lewis Christmas Advert – #BusterTheBoxer

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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 Buster the Boxer

I Don’t Love Buster.

I have to be totally honest and say I don’t even like it. For the first time ever, I don’t like the John Lewis Christmas ad. Buster the Boxer isn’t cute. The foxes and badger aren’t cute but are amusing, I’ll admit. That’s not the worst thing, though. They show the dad putting the gift together on Christmas Eve then opening the door for his daughter to see her present on Christmas morning.
Any kids watching will be wondering why Santa didn’t deliver the trampoline so they could, potentially, be ruining the magic of Christmas for some kids.


I’m very disappointed, I was so excited to see it as well. I think the fake one by the student was better!


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 Buster the Boxer

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