Perseid meteor shower – sleeping under the stars

Perseid meteor shower

The girls put, ‘lie on the grass and look at the stars’ as one of their summer bucket list items. We thought it would be great to combine that with looking at the perseid meteor shower that peaked this past weekend on the 11th and 12th.

Unfortunately, the sky was too cloudy at the weekend but Sunday night was lovely and clear so Ant set his alarm to wake him up at 1am. He went to check the sky was still clear then woke the girls up.

They brought their duvets and pillows down and Ant put a throw over on the grass for them to lie on. They got all snuggled up and watched the sky.

perseid meteor shower sleeping under the stars

Falling asleep

I went to bed so I’m not sure how long they stayed awake. Before I went up, I went to say goodnight to the girls. While I was outside, I saw a shooting star. Ant and Ella saw it as well but poor Kaycee missed it. She said she didn’t get to see any at all and Ella didn’t see another while they were awake.

They slept under the stars with Ella waking up first at 5.45 am and Kaycee waking at 6.30 am. Ella went up to bed and Kaycee came in and watched TV.

Ant ended up sleeping on the sofa we have outside on the covered patio.

Patio area after

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