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April 2016

Photos April 23rd – Featuring a Birthday & Tadpoles!

April 23rd

April 23rd - tadpole in the jar

April 23rd – Ella’s been pond dipping again 🙂

Party food

24th April – It was my wonderful boy’s 16th birthday 🙂


25th April – I kept finding these little blobs of toothpaste around the bathroom and had no idea where they were coming from. Turns out, Ella likes to dry blobs of toothpaste because she likes how smooth it feels when it’s dry!

James Herbert The Survivor

26th April – I started my 4th book for April 🙂

painted and wallpapered stairs

27th April – Love my new stairs 🙂

instagram account

28th April – First time I’ve hit 1000 followers 😀 Lost 3 again now but it was to see the 1000 for a short while!

Ella dancing

29th April – Ella dancing to Just Dance songs on the Wii

Anniversary card and flower wall art

30th April – It’s our 11th wedding anniversary today and the husband surprised me with these after we’d said we weren’t doing presents!

Tadpoles & Pond Skaters – Ella’s been pond dipping, again!

Pond Dipping

I wrote last week how I love the fact that Ella can go pond dipping in the safety of our garden. She loves finding different bugs and getting Ant to find out what they are for her 🙂

Fishing net and jar - Pond Dipping

bug in a jar - Pond Dipping

tadpole in the jar - Pond Dipping

bugs in a jar - Pond Dipping

tadpoles in the pond - Pond Dipping

tadpoles in the pond - Pond Dipping


Weekly Weigh In – April 17th – 4.5lb Loss

4.5lb Loss

weekly weigh in Slimming World

After the disappointment of last week, I was delighted to have lost 4.5lb when I weighed in this morning. When I got home last week, I got right back on track. My speed food portions are going to be increasing and I’ll be decreasing my carbs intake. I didn’t cut them all out, just had much smaller portions and filled my plate with vegetables.

I dropped my syns down to 15 (the regular amount is 15 syns, but because I’m over 20 stone, I can have 25 syns a day) until Sunday when I had a day off the plan to celebrate my son’s 16th birthday.

On Monday and Tuesday, I didn’t have any syns, didn’t have my healthy extras and only had 2 meals each day, no snacking and high protein foods to keep me feeling full.
I had boiled eggs and gammon for lunch followed by a fat-free yogurt and an orange. For dinner, I had chicken and cauliflower followed by pears and a yogurt.
On Tuesday, I had the same for lunch and then gammon and green beans for dinner.

I hoped I’d stay the same. I was convinced I’d put lots of pounds on after all the delicious party food I had on Sunday! Getting a loss, and a loss big enough to get my 7.5 stone award back was brilliant and gave me the boost I needed to keep my head in the game 🙂

Updated Stairs Project – Before and After

Updated Stairs

I took ‘before’ photos of my stairs last July because I didn’t like the carpet and wanted to do something fun instead. I scoured Pinterest and found some wonderful ways to decorate stairs. We decided to paint the steps and wallpaper the risers.

We finally bought the wallpaper and paint last month and Ant’s done the first set of stairs. The middle landing and the stairs round the corner are still to be done but so far, I LOVE it!

It’s taken a few weeks to get these first ones done because obviously, we still have to get upstairs so Ant’s been doing alternate steps and putting masking tape on the ones we can step on.
As expected, people (not naming names but not just the kids and not me!) forgot a few times resulting in footprints in the wet paint that had to dry before they could be sanded and repainted!


Updated stairs project - Carpeted stairs


Updated stairs project - painted and wallpapered stairs

Updated stairs project - painted and wallpapered stairs

It’s so much nicer than the carpet. I don’t have to lug a hoover up each step when they need cleaning. I can now sweep them with a brush and dustpan and give them a wipe with a damp cloth 🙂

Meal planning Monday April 25th

Meals For The Week

Weekly meals menu

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that I’ve only got six meals planned for this week. The reason being, it’s our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday and I want us to cook something special but I’m not sure what, yet!

I thought we were going to have the weekend to ourselves as the kids were supposed to be going to Derbyshire. My sister is having a 30th birthday party on our anniversary but Ella wants to stay home now because it’s her friend’s birthday party as well.  She doesn’t want to miss it but she doesn’t mind missing her aunt’s birthday, though!

Maybe we could get a takeaway as we very rarely have them but I’m still undecided.

Cottage Pie

Chicken & Bacon Rosti Pots

Chilli Con Carne

Pork Casserole

Beef Casserole


Photo a day – April 16th to 22nd

April Snow

April snow


Yes, it’s April snow. It snowed more than it did in the whole of December, here in Lincoln but it had all gone within a few hours!

Awakening by S.J. Bolton


I’m enjoying my 3rd book in April, Awakenings by S. J. Bolton. I only started it on the 15th.

Awakening by S. J. Bolton


Fastest I’ve read a book this year; less than 100 pages to go.

Agatha Raisin and the quiche of death by M. C. Beaton19th

I finished ‘Awakening’ this morning and started the first in the Agatha Raisin series of books by M. C. Beaton.

Slimming World SAS log


A disappointing result at Slimming World so I decided to do a log this week to help keep me on track.

Spring flowers


Spring flowers 🙂

Fishing net and jar

22nd – Ella keeps going pond dipping in our nature pond in the back garden. I LOVE that she can do this in her own garden. I used to spend hours at our local ponds with my friend, Lucy, catching tadpoles 🙂

Weekly weigh in – April 20th – Another Gain

Weigh In Results – April 20th

weekly weigh in Slimming World

I didn’t stay at Slimming World today after finishing weighing everyone. I was really fed up with my 1.5lb gain this week and my 1lb gain last week that I just wanted to go home, curl up on the sofa with my book and eat.

I got home, weighed out my cheese portions for the week, planned my lunch and had a mug of hot winter spice (syn free) and got right back on track.
I knew if I binged I’d feel worse and it would set me up to have a week of not being in control.

I am in control. I’m going to stay in control and stop letting my feelings dictate my eating habits.

I’m dropping my syns to 15 instead of 25 and I’m going to increase my speed vegetables and reduce my portion sizes.
I’m also going to get out in the garden and get moving instead of sitting here all day.

More Weight Loss Results

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