My Mother’s Day 2016 – Rufford Abbey

Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day for me started on Saturday night. The girls had set up a spa session in my bedroom with relaxing music, creams and peel off face masks that they’d got their dad to buy while they out shopping for Mother’s Day gifts earlier in the day!

They applied my face mask then massaged cream into my hands and feet while I lay back and let the face mask dry.
It was a really lovely evening. I didn’t take any photos as I didn’t want to interrupt them and figured I’d just relax and forget about photos for once.

On Mothering Sunday, I lay in till 8.30 then was surprised with breakfast in bed made by Kaycee and Ella.

Fried egg, toast hearts, lemon curd and hot chocolate breakfast in bed - Mother's Day 2016

Best mum ever bookmark from Ella - Mother's Day 2016

Breakfast was followed by present time 🙂

Mother's Day presents - Mother's Day 2016

Handmade chocolates in heart shaped box - Mother's Day 2016

Owl glass with lid and straw - Mother's Day 2016

When the presents had been opened, the chocolates shared and eaten and the pot decorations stuck in the lily planters in the garden, we packed up a picnic and headed off to Rufford Abbey.  We went for Mother’s Day last year and really enjoyed it.

It was cold and it snowed a bit but we all had a wonderful few hours.

Ant, Ella and me - Mother's Day 2016

Hot chocolate, cream and flake - Mother's Day 2016

Kaycee and a monk, praying - Mother's Day 2016

Kaycee on the Abbey - Mother's Day 2016

Ant and Kaycee on the Abbey - Mother's Day 2016

Ant and Kaycee on the Abbey - Mother's Day 2016

Ella and Kaycee on the Abbey - Mother's Day 2016

Ella and me - Mother's Day 2016

Kaycee and me - Mother's Day 2016

Kaycee and Ella - Mother's Day 2016

Kaycee and Ella rolling down the hill - Mother's Day 2016

Ella peeping over the wall - Mother's Day 2016

Kaycee lying on the floor - Mother's Day 2016

Kaycee - Mother's Day 2016

Ella - Mother's Day 2016

Ella rolling on the grass - Mother's Day 2016

On our way back, we stopped at Asda and picked up a pork joint, some vegetables, gravy and ice cream. We took it round to the lovely mother in law’s so we could have dinner together.
We took a TV and Movies quiz board game with us and played with Nanny while Ant cooked dinner.

It was a lovely evening and after such a wonderful day, we were all ready for bed early!

Mother’s Day 2016

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