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March 2016

Napolina Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza

We were sent some goodies from Napolina to create our own pizzas and the girls were very excited; pizza is one of their favourite meals and if they can decorate it themselves, so much the better!

Napolina pizza bases and pizza sauce

Due to trying to stick to being on Slimming World, I decided not indulge in the pizza face making fun and let Daddy be in control of taking the girls to buy the extra toppings then making the pizzas with them for dinner.

I had a portion of Slimming World casserole from the previous night and although it was hard, I didn’t even have a nibble of any of the pizza!

Daddy, Kaycee and Ella
Ella thought it was very funny that the only apron left for Daddy, was one Kaycee had when she was very little!

Ella wanted to make a bunny face with it being Easter the following weekend.
Kaycee just wanted to make a random face 🙂

Decorating the pizza

Ella's bunny pizza

Ella used baby sweetcorn for the teeth, mushrooms, and tomatoes for the eyes, rosemary leaves for the whiskers and ham and chicken slices for the ears. She used prawns and Pepperami to make the nose and mouth.

Ella's pizza bunny

Kaycee used the baby sweetcorn for her teeth as well. Sheused pepperami for the nose and mushrooms and tomatoes for the eyes. The mouth is slices of ham and the eyebrows are mushroom stalks.

Kaycee's pizza face

When it had been cooked, she added some cheese string hair 🙂

Kaycee's pizza face

The girls had great fun creating their pizza faces 🙂

Please note: We were sent some goodies from Napolina so we could have fun making pizza faces 🙂

Weekly weigh in – Easter Gain

Easter Gain

Well, it was Easter and I enjoyed hot cross buns, Easter cake and Easter eggs so much that I had an Easter gain of 2.5lb at Slimming World this week!

I was expecting a lot more so I was quite pleased it was only 2.5lb if I’m honest 🙂

I’m sick of being 23 and a half stone now, though, I want to get down into the 22 stone bracket so I’m going to knuckle down this week and do my best.
I need to make some menu plans to help me stay on track this coming week. I always do better when I plan ahead.

Shell louise duck gif sigtag Easter Gain

Randomise – A fun family game


We were sent a game to play with the family over Easter and I have to say, it was a big hit!

Nanny and Granddad were invited over for Easter dinner and while Ant did the cooking (which was absolutely delicious, by the way!) we played Randomise.

The grandparents thought it was a bit complicated when we first started playing but they soon got the hang of it.


Kaycee was on Nanny’s team and Ella was on Granddad’s team. Because we had an odd number, I was elected score keeper.

Randomise card game

You split the cards into three piles, A, B, and C.

Randomise card game

The team that is going first choose someone from their team to pick a card from each pile.
They have to decide whether they’re going to describe, act or draw the clues to help their teammate/s correctly guess the 3 different words. They pick whether they’re going to work from the hard or easy section.

The opposing team picks three numbers, for example, 3, 2 and 1 and the person who is going first, has to describe, act or draw the word at number 3 from card A which is Romantic on the easy section, the word at number 2 on card B and number 1 on card C so they’d have to describe, act or draw a Romantic Crab Playing The Saxophone.

Ella and granddad

Ella drawing

Ella’s Go

Ella drew on her first go.

Nanny and Kaycee


Nanny drew on her first go as well but everyone soon discovered that describing the clues was much easier!

You get different time limits for describing, acting and drawing the clues.


You get points for each clue you get right. If your team gets all three clues, you get bonus points, depending on whether you picked the easy or hard clues. The first team to get to 30 points wins. We didn’t have time to keep playing till 30 as dinner was ready. We just did the winner after both teams had an equal amount of turns.

Great Fun

It was great fun and everyone really enjoyed it. The girls wanted to play again after dinner but time was against us. I’m sure we’ll be playing it a few more times over the Easter holidays 🙂

Please note: We were sent the game in return for an honest review.

#MealPlanningMonday March 28th

March 28th

Weekly menu March 28th

I forgot, again, to defrost the chicken so we’ve moved some meals to this week and we had whatever we could whip up last week on the days when we should have been having chicken!

This week we’re having:

Monday – Ham, mushroom and leek pie
Tuesday – Chicken pasanda
Wednesday – Lamb stir fry
Thursday – Spaghetti bolognese
Friday – Cottage pie
Saturday – Chicken and bacon risotto
Sunday – Chilli con Carne

I think it’s a good idea for me to start and use the calendar on my phone to remind when to defrost the chicken! I’m always forgetting and the kids get disappointed because chicken is their favourite meat!

Easter Cake – Sunday Photo March 27th

Kaycee wanted to make an Easter Cake. She saw this Easter Bunny Cake on Pinterest and wanted to give it a go. I think she did brilliantly 🙂 Kaycee always likes to challenge herself and she certainly did that here!
She’s taking after her sister, Kellyann, who makes wonderful cakes for all occasions.

It tasted delicious and was very hard to resist every time I went into the kitchen!

Easter Cake

Easter cake

Next year I’m going to get her to make a big, gooey chocolate cake with lots of mini eggs and mini Cadbury creme eggs all over it! No so good for my diet but oh so wonderful!

Photo a day March 19th to 25th

March 19th – 25th

Slimming World Breakfast March 19th

19th March – I’ve been trying to get back in the habit of taking a photo of my meals for my Slimming World diary. It helps me stay on track and remember what I’ve eaten so I don’t forget any syns I’ve had.

Slimming World Breakfast

20th March – Sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt for breakfast. This is all syn free and delicious

Weekly menu

21st March – Weekly menu. We’re looking forward to the chicken and bacon risotto

Spring flowers

22nd March – The spring flowers are out and they’re so pretty 🙂

Ella watching a 3D movie

23rd March – Ella’s watching Coraline in 3D


24th March – I found more Ella selfies 🙂

Frog spawn

25th March – The tadpoles are growing :oD

Frog spawn update and spring flowers

Frog Spawn Update

We got our first lot of frog spawn on 16th March then another lot on the 18th.

Frog spawn update
17th March

We checked on it today and you can see the changes happening, they’re no longer perfect little black dots, they’re more squiggly, as Ella described them!

25th March

It looks like we’ve had another fresh batch overnight as well :o) The new batch is in the middle of the photo and you can see the difference compared to the older batch which is to your right on the photo.


Spring is certainly here for sure now, we’ve even had the patio door open for a bit today and I turned the heating down below 21° earlier!
It’ll probably be turned back up again later but it felt good to turn it down for a while!



Dandelion flower

Yes, I know this is classed as a weed but I read that they’re good for the bumblebees so we’re leaving them alone this year 🙂

#TheYearInBooks Update

#TheYearInBooks Update

I’m steaming ahead with my challenge of reading a book a month; I’m now on book 3 in March and at the rate I’m going, I’ll have it finished by the start of April 🙂

The Mistletoe Bride, Kate Mosse #TheYearInBooks Update

Mistletoe Bride

I read The Mistletoe Bride by Kate Mosse after finishing Call the Midwife, which is a collection of short stories and I really enjoyed it.
It’s been a long time since I’ve read a collection of short stories. I especially liked The Yellow Scarf and The Mistletoe Bride.]

Thirteen Reasons Why

The next book I read was one I had for Christmas called Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher
It’s a story about a teenage girl, Hannah, who commits suicide but before she does, she records herself on tapes, talking to the people who contributed to her decision to kill herself.

The tapes are mailed to the first person on tape one. They’ve been instructed to mail them to the next person on side two of tape one when they’ve finished listening.
The book is written from the point of view of Clay. He’s one of the people mentioned on the tapes from Hannah.

The dual narration was a bit confusing for the first few pages. I soon got my head around it and ended up really enjoying the book.

This book has been made into a 13 part series on Netflix

Ghosts Of Sleath

I’m now reading a James Herbert novel called The Ghosts of Sleath.

James Herbert, The Ghosts of Sleath

It’s another book about the psychic investigator, David Ash who I first read about in the novel, Haunted.
It’s been a bit disturbing to read if I’m honest. It deals with the murder of a child, sexual abuse of another child and a nasty attack on a youth who didn’t deserve it.

Apart from that, it’s keeping me turning the pages. I’ve been reading it whenever I’ve had a spare few minutes 🙂

I’m on Goodreads if you’d like to follow my progress.

Weekly weigh in March 23rd

March 23rd

I’m happy to report a 3lb loss this week at Slimming World. I’ve been keeping my food diary on my weight loss blog, Quest of a Shrinking Lady, and it’s helped me keep track of my syns.

I keep forgetting to take photos but even without them, just writing it down has helped. It’s so easy to forget food you’ve eaten and not count the syns when you do. Writing it down keeps me on track.

I’ve pledged to lose another 2lb for next week which is going to be a bit hard with Easter at the weekend but I’ll do what I can 🙂

shellangelfont March 23rd

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