Looking for the ideal family car

Ant had a Nissan Micra when we first met. Although it was a little small sometimes, (going on holiday was a bit of a nightmare) it was a brilliant family car. It was very reliable and affordable and suited us perfectly.

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Family Car

Ant had nipped home from work one day. He’d parked out the front of the house instead of in the car park around the back. Shortly after getting out of the car, we heard a smashing, crunching sound. Someone had crashed into the back of our poor little Nissan.
It was a write-off and since then we haven’t had a car we like nearly as much as we did the Micra.
We had an automatic Citroen for a while. The fuel and road tax costs were awful so we sold that and got a Citroen C5 from Ant’s friend.

The costs are much better but Ant hates driving it because you can’t see the front or back of the car when you’re trying to park. He’s worried the tow bar will hit the car behind when he reverses into a parking space. We want to sell it and buy something better but what to buy? That is the question!

New Car

He’s always liked estates. I’ve always liked the idea of a people carrier, however, I don’t drive, so I think the final choice must be left up to him!

He looked at a VW Touareg lease but even though it’s a lovely looking vehicle, he thinks it’s probably a little big for us.

I like the look of the VW golf estate or the Honda Civic.

Buying a new car is a big decision. We’re going to take our time, but on the other hand, I don’t know how much longer Ant can put up with our Citroen!

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