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October 2015

8 Weeks to Christmas

8 weeks till christmas. shelllouise family lifestyle blog
8 weeks till Christmas and I’m currently sitting in a cosy caravan at Mablethorpe, listening to the sound of the rain on the roof and making lists in my head for the things we need to buy for the Christmas Eve buffet we’re hosting.
We’re getting the Christmas decorations down on Sunday so we can see if we need to buy any new ones and I need to make a real list (not in my head because I’m very forgetful!) for the last of the presents I need to buy.
The Tesco Clubcard points double up promotion starts on November 2nd and I can’t wait to spend my points! I’ve saved up £100 worth of points so I can double it to £200 as long as I spend them on items that have the double up logo Smile
I’ve had a lovely holiday but I’m looking forward to getting home and concentrating on my Christmas preparations!

Donna Nook Nature Reserve

We went to see the seals at Donna Nook Nature Reserve today and I’m pleased to say we had a better experience than the last time we went!

Here’s a bit about the seals from the Donna Nook website:

Grey seals

For much of the year, grey seals at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trusts’ Donna Nook National Nature Reserve are at sea or hauled out on distant sandbanks. Every November and December, the seals give birth to their pups near the sand dunes: a wildlife spectacle which attracts visitors from across the UK.

The Viewing Area – open late October to December

For your own safety and to reduce disturbance to the seals all visitors should stay in the designated viewing area and follow the Visitor Guidelines.

Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Seal
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Seal
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Anthony and Ella having a cuddle
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Close up of orange berries
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - RAF warning sign
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Seal in the sea
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Seal in the sea
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Seals on the beach and in the sea
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Kaycee and Ella walking on the path
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Evening sky
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Evening sky
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Ella
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Kaycee
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Flock of birds
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Kaycee and Ella
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Anthony
Donna Nook Nature Reserve - Evening sky

Half term holiday – Mablethorpe

We’re on holiday….yay!!!

It officially started for me when I woke this morning and had some of the super wonderful husband’s lovely homemade bread.
He’s been making bread for a while, but I don’t have it because it’s not very slimming world friendly, but I treated myself to some with some proper butter this morning and I really enjoyed it!

Mablethorpe holiday - Hot buttered toast, coffee and a yogurt

We didn’t have a holiday last year because of the house move and all the expense that comes with it so we’ve really been looking forward to this holiday.

Mablethorpe holiday - Ella in the caravan

We arrived at the very clean caravan (that had the beds already made for us!), mid-morning and got unpacked before going to Lidl for some groceries. We were really surprised with the amount of stuff we got for only £45.

Mablethorpe holiday - Playing games in the caravan

After a lovely lunch of smoked ham and cheese sandwiches (again, with the delicious homemade bread!) we played Catchphrase.

Kaycee was brilliant at it, she was really fast with the answers 🙂

Mablethorpe holiday - doing a 1000 dot to dot picture

While Kaycee and Ant nipped out to get a one for all remote control (we couldn’t find the control to the DVD player and had trouble getting past the previews, which we watched 4 times! so decided to get a one for all), Ella and I did some activity books. I did the above dot to dot which had 1000 dots and took me about 1 and a half hours!

We watched Sean the Sheep movie before having fish and chips for dinner 🙂

I’m now off to bed because I’m shattered!

9 Weeks to Christmas

9 weeks to Christmas

9 weeks to go and we’re down to single digits!

It’s the first day of half term today and we’re off to Mablethorpe tomorrow for a week. I was so happy to be able to switch the alarm off last night but for some reason, I was awake just after 6 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so my long awaited lie in didn’t happen.

I’m absolutely shattered now and I still haven’t packed for our holiday!

When we get back, I’m going to get Ant to get the Christmas boxes from the loft so I can check what we have and make a list of what I need to buy.
I think I bought all the wrapping paper I needed in the sales in January, but I’m not 100% sure.
I’m also not sure whether we actually have a Christmas tree!

I bought a real one last year and I have to say, although it was nice to have and had been on my to-do list for years, I prefer artificial ones like Ant said I would! :oP
I have to get one before the first Saturday in December because that’s when we always put our decorations up 🙂

Weekly weigh in – October 21st

October 21st weigh in and another loss today. I’m 1.5lb closer to my interim target, which I’ve just changed. I reckon I can get my 9 stone award by Christmas.

As long as I don’t go mad on holiday, I’ll be ok!

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014

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 For more weight loss posts, click here

Kaycee in Shakespeare’s, The Tempest

Kaycee in her Tempest makeup

KayCee’s class and 4 other schools took part in a Shakespeare night at Lincoln Drill Hall tonight. Her school did The Tempest.

I couldn’t go and see her because I had Ella to look after so her dad and Granddad went.
Ant said she was absolutely brilliant 😀
KayCee was loud enough for everyone to hear and she didn’t rush through her lines. He was really impressed and we’re both very proud of her 😀

She had a brilliant time, as did all the others. I hope they’re all very proud of themselves and their teacher for all their hard work 🙂


Prestige Flowers – Christmas Bouquets

Christmas bouquets – Even though I knew they were being delivered, I still got a little bit excited when I came home from working at the charity shop last week and found a big box of flowers on the table. I didn’t know what kind of flowers I’d be getting, however, and I was delighted to find a beautiful red rose bouquet from the Christmas flowers selection at Prestige Flowers.

Christmas bouquets from Prestige Flowers -

It came in a black gift bag and wrapped in black florist’s paper. The flower stems were well wrapped and contained wet padding to keep the flowers fresh.

Christmas bouquets from Prestige Flowers - red roses

I was very impressed with the bouquet, which lasted well over a week.

The girls were more excited than I was I think, they kept telling everyone that mum had been sent some lovely roses!

Christmas bouquets

They got even more excited when they saw the box of chocolates that came with the flowers. They loved how little and cute they were and managed to eat one each before I got to take a photo!

Free chocolates with Christmas bouquets

Please note: I was sent the bouquet in return for an honest review.

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