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July 2015

August Monthly Bucket List

Last month’s bucket list is, mostly, unfinished and our August monthly bucket list can be found on the Summer Bucket List post 🙂

1) Ant’s built a cover over our patio so now I have to get the walls painted white and the patio furniture in place so we can start enjoying it.

We got the painting done but that’s about it!

2) Help Ant get his garage sorted out. He’s going to be ruthless with his many belongings and he wants to get it organised properly but it’s a massive job so we’re going to do it together.

We emptied the garage and Ant has made a start on getting his new office area sorted but there are still so many boxes to go through and sort. 

3) Get my hair dyed. I’ve bought some purple!! hair dye and my mum’s going to come and visit so she can do it for me.

I managed this one 😀 My mum came and did it for me but I should have bought 3 boxes of dye instead of 2 so it’s going to need a top up sooner than usual.

4) Have my Nan-Nan and Aunty Jane over for afternoon tea once the patio is all ready.

As above, the patio is nowhere near ready so this is going to have to wait a bit longer

5) Make a start on the stairs. I want to remove the carpet and paint them because I hate trying to hoover them. Using a brush and dustpan is so much easier!

I haven’t even thought about this one because we’ve had so much other stuff to do. I reckon this is going to be moved to the September bucket list!


Flickr 52 Week Photo Challenge – Week 3 Transport

The eagle-eyed among you might notice that I’ve missed week 2 of the Flickr 52 Week Photo Challenge. There’s a good reason for this, namely, the English weather!

The theme for week 2 is Lens Flare. To create this effect, I need the sun. To get that, it seems I need to jet off to sunnier climes because after the heat wave last month, the rain has moved in and it seems it’s here to stay.

So today, the theme is transport instead of lens flare and try as I might, I couldn’t think of an interesting photo to take without going off the to the Lincoln transport museum so here’s my take on it!

Photo challenge - transport - kayCee giving Ella a piggy back, transporting her around the garden!


Questions for Kaycee at the end of year 5

KayCee at the edn of year 5

I started asking the girls some questions at the end of the school year in 2012 and I love being able to look back at the changes 🙂 Here are KayCee’s answers at the end of year 5.
2012 questions
2013 questions
2014 questions

I am really good at: Maths and literacy
I like to: Read
My favourite thing to learn at school: History
1 person who makes me laugh: Sophie May
One word that describes me: Bubbly
I am really happy when: We go on school trips
I am really sad when: Me and my BFF, Emma, have an argument
My favourite book: Awful Aunty
My favourite TV show: Next Step
My favourite vacation: Feather Down Farm
I like school when: I go back on the first day after the summer holidays
I don’t like school when: I get something wrong in learning
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy: The tablet
My worst nightmare: If both my parents died
Things that make me mad: When people think I’m lying when I’m not
Favourite sport: Rounders
I like my Dad because: He’s hilarious
I like my Mum because: She’s kind, loving and supportive in hard times
I like my family because: They are really caring

Questions for Ella at the end of year 3


Ella at the end of year 3
Ella at the end of year 3 and her answers to the set of questions I ask the girls at the end of every school year 🙂


I am really good at: Cartwheels and handstands
I like to: Do maths and read
My favourite thing to learn at school: Maths
1 person who makes me laugh: Daddy
One word that describes me: Beautiful
I am really happy when: I’m with mummy and daddy
I am really sad when: I’m away from mummy and daddy
My favourite book: The Gruffalo
My favourite TV show: Bella and the bulldogs
My favourite vacation: Skegvegas
I like school when: When we do maths
I don’t like school when: I move to a different year
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy: Rabbit
My worst nightmare: When I dreamed Jeff got stabbed in the back
Things that make me mad: When Kaycee tells me what to do
Favourite sport: Football
I like my Dad because: He’s funny
I like my Mum because: She’s kind and caring and lets us go outside in the rain
I like my family because: They are kind

Ella’s questions from 20122013 2014

Last day at Brownies

KayCee moves up to Guides next term. She’s growing up far too fast for my liking!
When she started Brownies, the arms on that top were a bit too long for her and now we have to buy her a new Guides uniform 🙂

Kaycee in her Brownie uniform - last day at Brrownies

She doesn’t really like change but I think she’s going to enjoy Guides just as much, if not more, than Brownies. They learn so much from Guides and I think she’ll be great at helping to organise the sessions. The girls get to help the leader choose the things they want to learn about and the badges they want to work for. She’s going to have a great time 🙂

Bean Bag Planet Review and Giveaway

I’m new to Bean Bag Planet. I hadn’t heard of them until we were asked to review one of their bean bags and I have to say, I’m very impressed.

I wish we’d bought one when the girls were babies. They look so comfortable and very practical.

This is my lovely little nephew, Logan and as you can see, he loves his new bean bag 🙂

Logan on a beanbag

I love that the upper layer zips off for easy cleaning and when they’re too big to have the safety strap and buckle, you can switch the cover to a plain layer.

Beanbag cover and inner

It came with the beans separate so you can fill it to the level that best suits your child.

Beanbag inner and cover

My brother, James and sister in law, Kirsty, did say they didn’t find filling it the easiest of jobs but they managed it with help from a couple of other people!

Kirsty said she’s going to take a few beans out of their bag so Logan can sink into a little more.

Logan asleep on the beanbag


Summer Bucket List

It’s that time of year again – Summer Bucket List 🙂

The summer holidays are (very nearly) upon us and the girls are going to be home for most of them, unlike previous years when they’ve spent a lot of time with Aiden at his dad’s.

Aiden broke up yesterday and he’s gone to his dad’s for the full six weeks. The girls will be going for a weekend or two but they want to spend the majority of time at home so I need ideas on how to stop us all going stir crazy!

If left to their own devices for too long, they get into arguments and drive me crazy having to be a referee so we’re going to plan ahead and try to have a nice summer together 🙂


  1. Go to Hubbard’s Hills
  2. Go to Skegness (or Skegvegas as Ella calls it!) and have fish and chips and warm doughnuts.
  3. Have a movie night
  4. Have a family games night
  5. Go Geocaching
  6. Make apple/cherryade floats
  7. Host a barbeque
  8. Make ice cream
  9. Go to Daisy Made, have ice cream and play crazy golf
  10. Make jelly slices
  11. Go and watch the Minions Movie
  12. Go camping with daddy
  13. Make a summer reading list
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Make paper dolls
  16. Have a ‘Come Dine With Me‘ night
  17. Watch Frozen and sing along (Ella will love this. Kaycee, not so much!)
  18. Make ice cream sundaes
  19. Lie on the grass at night and look at the stars
  20. Have a water balloon fight


summer bucket list sunglasses

Kaycee Cooks – Slimming World Sticky Chicken

 Slimming World Sticky Chicken cooked by KayCee
Slimming World sticky chicken, salad and jacket potato

This recipe for sticky chicken serves 4 and is 2 syns per serving


  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce/tamari
  • 680g chicken breasts, cut into 1″ cubes


  1. Mix together the honey, vinegar and soy sauce. Toss the chicken cubes in the mix to coat thoroughly, and leave to stand for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.
  2. Heat a frying pan, add the chicken cubes and marinade. Cook on a high heat for about 20 minutes, until all the liquid has absorbed into the chicken. Stir regularly to prevent burning.
  3. When the chicken is thoroughly cooked, serve immediately on a bed of crispy salad.
 For more recipes, click here
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