Took a blogging break!

I took a blogging break for over a week and I have to say it’s been nice focusing on other things for a while.

Over half term, the girls were away at Aiden’s dad’s so I spent most afternoons having a major sort out of their room. I’ve boxed up lots of books that they had when they were younger and I sent jigsaws and other things to the charity shop.
I reorganised their storage drawers and labelled them so they’re no longer jam packed with stuff and they can now find everything they want, easily 🙂

We’ve also been doing work in the living room. Thanks to being a runner-up in the Bella Bathrooms competition I entered, we’ve been able to afford the laminate flooring for the living room.
I took the carpet up a few weeks ago; we were going to use it to line the pond but after lifting it, Ant said it wasn’t floppy enough to be used as a liner. He took it to the tip and since then we’ve had to put up with bare floorboards that were covered in paint splashes and had nails and staples sticking out of them. I thought we were going to have to wait a couple of months until we could afford to do anything about it but luck shone on us last week!

You can see the state of the floor in this photo

We had planned on sanding the floorboards and varnishing them but when I won the money, we decided it was going to be easier and quicker and would cost about the same, to buy laminate.
The great thing was, the weekend I won the money, B&Q had a promotion on laminate flooring and we got an oak plank effect floor for only £4 per square metre!
I was going to settle for the beech value stuff like we had before but I’m happy the win coincided with the promotion because I LOVE the oak effect :o)

We had a pack leftover so Ant’s been laying it in the hall at the bottom of the stairs. It looks so much nicer than the lino we had down and he just has the trim to finish 🙂

All we need to do now is get new flooring for the kitchen and paint and stain the stairs. I was going to paint the front of the stairs white and stain the step to match the floor but after looking on Pinterest, I think I want to something a little more creative.

My favourite idea is this one….


but I also love this one I found on Pinterest

I’m eager to start work on the stairs now!

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