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February 2015

Project 365 – February 21st – 27th

February 21st -27th

February 21st - 27th - Kaycee and Ducky
21st – Kaycee snuggling up to Ducky. She’s had this duck since she was born 🙂


Jonathan and Elaine cutting the wedding cake
22nd – Ant’s eldest, Jonathan and his bride to be, Elaine.
You’re probably wondering why they’re cutting the cake when they’re not married yet.
If you are, you can read about it here and see more photos 🙂


The Walking Dead
23rd – The Walking Dead.
Enough said!


Ella reading at bedtime
24th – Ella reading at bedtime while wearing her Pudsey ears 🙂


Chinese bookmark
25th – Jonathan and Elaine gave the kids one each of these Chinese bookmarks.


New growth on the orchid Ant bought me
26th – The orchid Ant bought me finished flowering so I cut it but then I worried nothing was happening and thought I’d done it wrong.
I was very excited when I saw this new growth 🙂


books from the charity shop
27th – I think I’ve said this before but here it is again…..volunteering at my local St Barnabas charity shop is not doing my bank balance any favours!
I work on the book section and get to have the first pick when the books come in. I can’t stop buying books and we’re rapidly running out of storage space at home!

Planting summer bulbs

We’ve got lots of plans for the garden this year and we’re very eager to get started so the other morning, the girls and I decided to plant the summer bulbs Spalding Bulb & Plant Co sent us.

It was cold and frosty but we didn’t let it put us off, the girls even still had their night clothes on when we ventured out!

We were sent 5 different types of summer bulbs. I can’t remember what they are and I’m not going to check because I like surprises!

Kaycee planting summer bulbs



Kaycee and Ella planting summer bulbs


summer bulbs in the pot


Ella planting summer bulbs


Kaycee planting summer bulbs


Kaycee planting summer bulbs


Ella covering the summer bulbs with compost


Ella adding more compost to the pot


5 pots all planted up with summer bulbs

Kaycee labelled all the pots without me telling her, in fact, I hadn’t even thought of it because I always forget to label them!

All we need now is the summer. I hope it comes soon because although I love winter, I’m over it now and long for some warmth so that being out in the garden doesn’t leave me chilled to the bone!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


A lovely wedding reception

Ant’s eldest son lives in China and has been with the lovely Elaine for five and a half years. They’re planning on getting married in China and had a wedding reception yesterday for all his family here in the UK.

It was lovely seeing Ant’s children and their lovely partners altogether; it’s unusual for that to happen because of work commitments and one being away in China for years!

We wish Jonathan and Elaine a very happy marriage and long life together 🙂

They had the reception at The Old Palace, Lincoln.




Wedding reception - Jervais, Kaycee, Ella and Jourdain
Four of Ant’s nine children, Kaycee, Ella, Jervais and Jourdain


wedding reception - tea lights in a heart shape


wedding reception - the cake


wedding recption - Kaycee


wedding reception - Kaycee, Ella, Nanny, Anthony, Aiden, Jervais, Kellyann, Grandad, Jonathan, Elaine, Jourdain, Jervais, Jason
This is Ant with his mum, dad, eldest son Jonathan, bride to be, Elaine and all his other children, Jourdain, Jason, Kellyann, Jervais, Jerome, Kaycee, Ella and hiding behind him is Aiden!


wedding recpetion - Jonathan, Elaine and Jonathan's cousins
Jonathan and Elaine with his cousins, their partners and children.


wedding reception - Elaine, the bride
The beautiful Elaine


wedding reception - Elaine, the bride, looking out of the window


wedding reception - Jason and Gemma
Jason with the lovely Gemma


Wedding reception  Jonathan and Elaine kissing


wedding recpetion - lunch
All the food was delicious. I forgot to take a photo of the prawns for the starter.


wedding recpetion - dessert
Gorgeous lavender flavoured shortbread and creme brulee


wedding recpetion - Jonathan and Elaine cutting the cake


wedding reception - Netty, Gemma, Emily an Elaine
These beautiful ladies are (hopefully!) the daughters in law to be! Gemma (Jason’s girlfriend) is to the left, Elaine to the right, Nettie (Jourdain’s girlfriend) at the front and slightly obscurred by the wine bottle, is Emily (Jerome’s girlfriend) at the back.
They’re all really lovely ladies and we’re so happy that the boys have them in their lives.


wedding reception - Ant, Kaycee, Aiden, Ella and me
This is us, Ant with Kaycee, me with Ella and Aiden at the back. The one behind me is Kellyann’s partner, Ian.


Lincoln Cathedral


Project 365 – February 14th – 20th

February 14th – We spent Valentines afternoon playing Trivial Pursuit with Kaycee and Ella (Aiden was more interested in playing a new game he’d got for 3DS!). It lasted forever and Ella started to get bored so we never actually got a winner but it was a really lovely afternoon 🙂

February 14th and we spent the afternoon playing Trivial Pursuit
February 15th – The kids went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour with their sister, Kellyann and her boyfriend, Ian. They’d bought them tickets for Christmas.

Ella wanted her hair curly so we put it in rags the night before 🙂


Ella with curly hair

February 16th – Ant and I went to B&M today with Kaycee and Ella. I saw this mug, loved it and bought it for myself 🙂

new mug with blue love hearts on
February 18th – We got some summer bulbs from Spalding Bulb and Plant Co.. It was a little cold freezing actually but they didn’t complain when we went out to plant them in pots.


Kaycee and Ella planting summer bulbs
February 18th – I’ve been reading Fifty Shades of Grey but the other night I got bored with it and decided to start on this one instead.


Kathy Reichs Deja Dead
February 19th – I’ve really enjoyed the Eastenders live week. I was a bit disappointed when it was revealed Bobby was the killer because it just seems a bit silly but I loved seeing Kathy back. I was totally surprised and hadn’t seen any hint of her return on the internet which was very surprising!


Bobby Beale Eastenders
 hint of February 20th – I had a few of the summer bulbs left to plant up as the girls had had to leave to go to Aiden’s dad’s so I finished them this morning. Kaycee put all the markers in the pots without me having to tell her which was brilliant because I always forget to mark the pots then I forget what’s in them!


summer bulbs all planted

Harry Potter Studio Tour Photos 2015

Aiden, Kaycee and Ella had a brilliant Christmas present last year….. tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour from their sister, Kellyann and her boyfriend, Ian.

It’s been fully booked since and last weekend was the first one available for them to go.

I can’t explain how jealous I am that they’ve been and I haven’t!

By all accounts, a wonderful time was had by all 🙂

The kids were really looking forward to trying a butterbeer but when it came to it, Kaycee didn’t really like it, Aiden drank half of it but wasn’t that impressed and Ella loved it! Aiden and Kaycee bought the regular cup that cost £5 and Ella paid £2 extra to get a tankard.
Kaycee’s given me her butterbeer cup and she bought me a lovely bookmark.
Ella bought her dad a pencil for him to do his crosswords 🙂

Here are some of the photos from the day, courtesy of Kellyann’s Facebook album 🙂

Harry Potter Studio Tour


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Ian, Kaycee, Ella and Aiden


Harry Potter Studio Tour


Harry Potter Studio Tour


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee and Ella


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Ella


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee


Harry Potter Studio Tour Kaycee


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee and Kellyann


Harry Potter Studio Tour


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Aiden and Ella


Harry Potter Studio Tour Kaycee and Ella casting spells


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee and Ella casting spells


Harry Potter Studio Tour - the night bus


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee and Ella on the night bus


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee and Ella in front of the night bus


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee at the Dursley house


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee and Ella behind the Privet Drive sign


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Aiden, Kaycee and Ella trying butterbeer


Harry Potter Studio Tour -Kellyann and Ella trying butterbeer


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kellyann, Aiden, Kaycee and Ella


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee and Ella with a snowy owl


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kellyann and Kaycee


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee in the flying car


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Ella in the flying car


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee on a motorbike, Ella in the sidecar


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Fawkes


Harry Potter Studio Tour


Harry Potter Studio Tour film props


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Ella showing off her badges


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kaycee with an owl


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Hogwarts model


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella in front of the Hogwarts model


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kellyann and Ella in the gift shop


Harry Potter Studio Tour - Kellyann, Aiden, Kaycee and Ella at the end of a long day


Project 365 – February 7th – 13th

February 7th – I’ve booked a cottage in Hay-on-Wye for us to go away for our 10th wedding anniversary in April and I’m really excited! Hay is known for having lots of bookshops and is the reason I’ve wanted to go ever since I saw a photo on another blog 🙂

February 7th - Booked cottage for a holiday to Hay-On-Wye
February 8th – I had loads of fruit and stayed on the Slimming World plan all week only to put on half a pound. I know it’s not much but it’s really got to me because I was expecting a good loss this week. I’ve let it get to me and I’ve now had a rubbish week and I’m dreading the next weigh in!


satsuma segments and pears
February 9th – Spring is coming….yay!!


spring flowers
February 10th – We plait Ella’s hair every night to try and help with the brushing the next morning because it gets very tangled. She doesn’t like me doing it any more, she always wants to do it herself.


Ella brushing her hair
February 11th – I found these mini vanilla and chocolate croissants at Poundstretcher. They’re a pound for 14 and the kids love them 🙂


mini croissants
February 12th – Ella was concentrating on her reading and I got loads of close-ups of her.


Ella close-up
February 13th – I started with a cold the day before Valentines and didn’t have the energy to cook so Ant made dinner for us. The girls were at home and Ella wanted to make it into a special Valentines meal because she couldn’t wait for the actual day!


Weekly weigh in – another gain

I’m a bit fed up with another gain (1/2lb) to be honest because unlike last week I haven’t had anything I shouldn’t and I’ve stayed on plan all week.

It’s annoying when I gain and I don’t know why but I’m just going to draw a line under it and try again.
I’m going to do an extra easy week instead of SP and see how I go.

It’s going to be nice having potatoes and pasta again after 6 weeks without any! I don’t know how I managed it for so long!

For more weight loss posts, click here

another gain - food diary. pen, tomato and tape measure

5 Ways to Banish the Winter Blues

Winter is a beautiful season but a lot of us tend to feel a little ‘blue’ during these cold months. This could be due to many reasons such as bad weather, illness or stress. The winter blues is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder and according to the BBC, the condition is a type of depression with a seasonal pattern and it is thought that
a ‘lack of light’ is the culprit, affecting the ‘part of the brain that rules sleep, appetite, sex drive, mood and activity levels.’ If it all sounds a little too familiar then it is definitely time to make some changes before all
of this ‘seasonal depression’ results in a winter blues/zombie-like pandemic.

House covered in snow - getting your home winter ready

1. Chase the Cold Away
If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to heat up your house then The
Underfloor Heating Store
will come to your rescue, heating your home from the floor up. Underfloor heating, or UFH,
leaves no cold spots and evenly heats up the room so you can say goodbye to the days of wearing three woolly jumpers just to stay warm in your own home.
2. Exercise and Healthy Eating
It’s amazing how better you will feel after a good bit of exercise. It doesn’t mean you have to run laps around the
nearest town, just a short brisk walk is enough to help lighten your mood. The NHS states that ‘research has shown that a daily one-hour walk, in the middle of the day, could be as helpful as light treatment for coping with the winter blues.’ This emphasizes the fact that small amounts of exercise each day, paired with a healthy diet, will go a long way towards beating this common form of depression.
3. Escape the Winter
People say that you should never run away from your problems… but then people say a lot of things. If you can’t stand another second of all this doom and gloom then why not just pack a small suitcase and take off for a short break away somewhere where the sun shines and there is not a snowflake in sight? There are some great deals around this time of year in comparison to the summer months so it is likely that you will come
across a bargain online if you do your research.
4. Family and Friends
The important people in your life have got you through everything and you can bet that they will help get you
through this rough patch too. A simple get together will go a long way in putting that smile back on your face. A board game night with friends may be just what you need, so get out the old Scrabble, Pictionary and Monopoly boards and start spending some time with the people that matter.

Winter Bucket List
You’ve probably heard of a bucket list before, it’s basically a list of the things you want to do before you pass away. It may sound a little depressing at first but creating a winter bucket list may lift that seasonal depression right off your shoulders. Write out a fun list of all the things you want to do during the colder months; you could pick up a new
hobby, go hiking, buy a puppy, whatever it is, having something to focus on during the cold months will give you something to strive for. After you have ticked everything off the list you can be proud that you stuck with it and defeated the winter depression in the process.

Please note: This is a collaborative post.


No More Messy Bedroom!

Since Christmas Kaycee and Ella’s bedroom has been disgraceful. Ant and I got fed up of seeing it in such a mess so last Monday I decided to go and clean it properly. I’ve told both of them I don’t want to see a messy bedroom again.

Messy Bedroom

I ended up being in there for the whole day (except for one hour at lunch) and with Ant’s help, the bedroom got a change round.
We separated the bunk beds into two separate beds. Obviously, they take up more room but the thinking behind it was that the less floor space they have, the less mess they can make.

Tidy Bedroom!

Time will tell but so far it’s stayed fairly tidy although Ella’s had to be reminded daily to put her clothes to wash and toys away at the end of the day.

The side with Kaycee’s bed has remained spotless.

When they get their own rooms, I know which one I’ll have to nag to keep it clean!

This is the room before the change round






This is what it looks like now :o)



We’ve got some shelves to put up for each of them above their beds instead of bedside tables as there isn’t room and I also kept the fairy lights from the Christmas tree so we can put them on the shelves 🙂

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