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January 2015

Weekly weigh in – January 14th

Weekly weigh in – January 14th – It’s been a very long time since I got Slimmer of the Week! I lost 3.5lb this week and went back down into the next stone.

Weekly weigh in - January 14th

I’m really pleased with my result last week and this week. I came home from SW and got straight back on plan; no treat day, nothing being eaten that hasn’t been synned and plenty of fruit and veg 🙂

I have to lose 18.5lb to get back down to my lowest of 22 stone 8lb which was my 8 and a half stone award weight.
I’ll be really happy when I get back to that weight and I’ll then be able to concentrate on getting my 9 stone award!

Project 365 – January 4th-9th

January 4th -A very frosty night gave me chance to check out the macro setting on my new camera 🙂

January 4th - ice on flowers - macro setting

January 5th – A new board game and one that we all really enjoyed. I’m not going to groan inwardly anymore when one of them asks me if I’ll play a board game with them!

Playing tension

January 6th – Kaycee loves Pointless so I got her the board game for Christmas. We tried to play as individuals but it was too hard for the girls so we’re going to need daddy to play so we can have teams and the girls can work with an adult.

Playing Pointless

January 7th – Our Spirograph finally came that we got for running the giveaway last month and as expected, the girls love it 🙂


January 8th – The girls spent a rare few minutes not arguing! They’re reading books together 🙂

Kaycee and Ella reading books

January 9th – I’ve joined in with a free 52 week photography course and this is the photo I took for the prompt, Vintage.

A very old book



#Remarkable2015 – 52 Week Photography Course

I’ve started taking part in a free, 52 week photography course with Emma Davies (find her on Twitter @EmmaDaviesPhoto) and I wanted to share my first few attempts 🙂

I’m working my way through her 30 Day Photo Challenge #Make30Photos which is different in that you don’t have to complete it in 30 days if you don’t want!

You also don’t have to do them in order and the first class of the year was to use the prompts to get into the habit of practising so that’s what I’ve been doing with the limited I’ve had this week.
The kids are now back at school so I’m planning on using more of my time to practise.

52 week photography course - Santa decoration
#21 Only 2 colours


An old book with an inscription inside that was written in 1863
#29 Vintage – This is a book from our collection. I just love that someone over 150 years ago received this as a gift from her father


Ice on a flower. Taken using the macro setting
#26 Weather

If you’d like to join in with #Remarkable2015 you can sign up for the weekly email on the link above to the #Make30Photos page 🙂


Weekly weigh in – Lost 3lb

I lost 3lb which comes after a Christmas gain of 7.5lb. I’m quite happy about the weight gain because I enjoyed every chocolate, piece of shortbread and glass of Baileys!

I’ve currently lost 6 stone 13lb and my first goal this year is to get my 8.5 stone award back. I’m planning on losing 2lb a week so I should get back to that weight (22.7 stone) by the end of March then I can work on getting my 9 stone award.

My willpower has returned. I don’t want to spend the next year going up and down these 2 stones like I did last year, I want to get out of the 20 stones and into the teens!

If I can maintain a 2lb a week loss, I should be out of the 20s by the end of July 🙂

lost 3lb


Macro setting on my new camera

We had thick frost yesterday so I put my warm cardi on and headed outside with my new camera. I’ve always loved macro photography but I can’t get very good results with my iPhone.

My new Nikon Coolpix L830 is probably going to be on the macro setting more than any other after seeing the results of the photos I took of the frost!
I love it and I’m planning on taking the kids to Hartsholme Park or Whisby Nature reserve for a walk next weekend so I can get loads of photos 🙂

New camera - Macro setting - frost on a leaf
I love the detail of the frost on these leaves


New camera, macro setting, frost


frost on the fence


frost on the fence


frost on flowers


frost on leaves


frost on leaves


frost on a plant


frost on a swinging gnome


frost on dead leaves


frost on plants


frost on leaves


frost on grass


frost on a watering can


PROJECT 365 – Trying again!

I’ve tried doing Project 365 photography challenge 3 times now and I’ve only been successful once so I figured since I’ve had a wonderful new camera for Christmas I should put it to good use and try again 🙂

Remembering to take a photo every day is much harder than it seems!

January 1st – Aiden’s stocking full of gifts, waiting for him to come home tomorrow 🙂

Project 365 - day 1 - Aiden's stocking

January 2nd – They’re back :oD They’ve been away with family since Boxing Day and even though I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet, I’m happy they’re home.

Aiden, KayCee and Ella are home


January 3rd – Daddy helping the girls to learn magic tricks 🙂

Daddy helping KayCee and Ella learn magic tricks


52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week 12


Week 12 of 52 weeks of gratitude - Nanny, KayCee and Ella

Week 12

  1. Family
  2. A wonderful Christmas. I’m now a little sad that it’s over.
  3. Being totally spoilt by my family. I had lots of wonderful gifts 🙂
  4. Having the kids home today after their being away for a week with family.
  5. No school until Tuesday so we have some time left to play more games that the kids got for Christmas.
  6. Having a working car again. Yep, that was on the last list I did and the flipping thing broke down again. We’ve been using Nanny’s car during December while ours was in the garage.
  7. A renewed sense of determination with Slimming World. This is going to be another good year of great losses, like my first year.
  8. Watching all the Indiana Jones movies with Ant over the last few days. I love the films and enjoyed watching them, just the 2 of us 🙂
  9. A lovely New Years Eve spent at Nanny’s with Ant and Granddad. I managed to stay awake until midnight.
  10. The feeling of hope the new year brings.


Happy New Year and a Look back at 2014

Happy New Year to you all 🙂

Happy New Year
Please feel free to take and share

It’s been a busy year but a wonderfully happy year for us 🙂 Here’s my look back at 2014

January – We picked up the keys to our lovely new house :oD
Look back at 2014 - January - We now own a house
February I finally got my 8 stone award

Look back at 2014 - February - I got my 8 stone award at Slimming World

March – Cake pops

Look back at 2014 - March - KayCee and Ella made cake pops

April – We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary 🙂

Look back at 2014 - April - We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary

May – We finally got a fully functioning kitchen!

Look back at 2014 - May - We finally have a kitchen!

June – Ella became a Beaver 🙂

Look back at 2014 - June - Ella became a Beaver

July –  We made a summer bucket list. We didn’t manage everything on it but we had fun with the ones we did.

Look back at 2014 - July - We did a summer bucket list

August – I won Woman of the Year at my Slimming World Group 🙂

Look back at 2014 - August - I won Slimming World Woman of the year

September – The kids went back to school and our youngest moved from infants to juniors. No more infants schools for us.

Look back at 2014 - September - Ella's now in Junior school

October –  Ant’s niece got married and the girls wanted curly hair for the wedding so we spent the night before tying rags in their hair!

Look back at 2014 - October - Curly hair for the wedding

November – Kaycee and her friend, Emma, organised and ran a stall of their own for their Brownie’s Christmas fair

Look back at 2014 - November - KayCee and Emma ran their own stall at the Brownies Christmas fair

December – Ella loves taking selfies!

Look back at 2014 - December - Ella selfies!

I hope you all have a brilliant 2015.