Christmas Day Photos

We had a wonderful Christmas Day which could only have been made better by having Aiden with us. It was his dad’s turn this year though to have him so we took his presents to him on Boxing Day when we went to see the rest of the family 🙂
Here are our Christmas Day photos.

KayCee and Ella next to a pile of Christmas presents
The girls were up at 6.15am!


Christmas Day Photos - Christmas Day mess!
Christmas Day mess 😀


KayCee and her presents
Kaycee with some of her gifts. We discovered later in the day that silly Santa had forgotten a box of gifts outside on the patio!


some of KayCee's gifts
Some of Kaycee’s gifts


Ella and her presents
Ella’s very pleased with her scooter!


some of Ella's presents
Some of Ella’s presents!


Ant with his presents
Ant’s very happy with all of his books, gadgets, beer, clothes and port!


Ant's presents
Ant’s presents


Ella with her Furby
I have to admit I’m regretting buying the Furby Booms now! Non stop chattering is really very annoying!




Kaycee’s collecting Monopoly games and she absolutely loves the electronic banking version




My new Coolpix camera
I was so excited to get this wonderful new camera 😀 I absolutely love it 😀


My presents
Spoilt again, as usual. Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends 🙂


My presents


My presents


My presents


My presents


My presents


My presents


Playing Monopoly
I like this version of Monopoly and I’m looking forward to playing it again when the kids come back from Derbyshire 🙂


KayCee playing Monopoly
Ant playing Monopoly
Not exactly sure what Ant’s looking at here!


Christmas tree ornament
This year’s tree decoration. I buy the kids one each every year. I’m not sure if this is kaycee’s or Ella’s. Aiden’s got a Santa one.


Table set for dinner
Kaycee and Ella dressed the table for dinner


The Turkey
Huge turkey that we’re going to be eating for days!


Christmas dinner
Delicious Christmas Dinner


Whistles from the crackers
We bought Christmas crackers with whistles in and had great fun trying to play Good King Wenceslas!


PLaying Minions Monopoly
A game of Minion Monopoly before bed 🙂


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