Weekly weigh in – 1.5lb gain

This week I expected a gain and I was happy it was only 1.5lb!

I celebrated my husband’s birthday with him on Friday and Saturday and I really enjoyed it so I’m fine with the gain.

Happy with a 1.5lb gain after birthday celebrations


Last week was different because I didn’t feel in control (I lost 2lb but I wasn’t expecting it after the week I’d had) but this week I’ve been in total control and made the decision to enjoy the Chinese takeaway and pub lunch we had.

I’ve bought a slimming world diary home with me this week as I want to try going right back to basics and pretending it’s my first week again. It sometimes helps to double check the things you think you know after being on Slimming World for so long.

I can’t see me hitting my goal of getting my 9 stone award before Christmas but as long as I’m less than I am now, I’ll be happy 🙂

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