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November 2014

My Sunday Photo – November 2nd -Cold & Flu Season

November 2nd – Yep, it’s cold and flu season and yep, it’s got me! I hope these work because I’m feeling dreadful and need a bit of relief. Usually, when I get a cold, it goes to my chest and turns into a chest infection. I end up talking like a man, that is if I can talk at all!

November 2nd - Cold and Flu season - Beechams hot blackurrant, cherry menthol Tunes and Halls Citrus lozenges
I’m trying not to dwell on how awful I feel and instead, I’m trying to look forward to next month because as you probably, know Christmas is my most favourite time of the year!
I hope anyone who is suffering like me this week, makes a speedy recovery 🙂


NaBloPoMo November 2014


Send an email to your future self :)

I’ve sent an email to my future self using Future Me. It’s one of my 101 in 1001 day zero project.

Dear Future Me - Send an email to future self


You can keep it private or set it to public, I’ve kept mine private. You can choose any date in the future to have your email sent to you so I’ve set mine for the day my 101 in 1001 ends, June 15th 2017.

I’ve been reading other people’s future letters and some of them are really interesting.

There’s one that says it’s 2009 and if the writer and Sarah aren’t married in 5 years they have to marry each other,
I wish I could find out what happened there, seeing as 2014 is 5 years later!

Another that was sent last year is a bit sad to read because the writer isn’t at all happy with her husband after she said she gave up a beautiful house, family and friends to move for an opportunity for him and things didn’t work out as planned.
I hope they’ve been able to sort things out and she isn’t, as she put it, ‘in the pokey for hitting her husband over the head with a rock’.

Mine’s not nearly as interesting as some of the public ones! It’s mainly about being at a healthy weight by my 40th birthday 🙂

What would you write to your future self?


NaBloPoMo November 2014