Kaycee’s and Emma’s Christmas Raffle

Kaycee and her friend, Emma, wanted to rent a stall at the Brownie’s Christmas fair yesterday. They borrowed some money to buy goodies for the Christmas raffle prize hamper and to pay for the stall then paid it back when the tickets were sold.

Guides Christmas fair - KayCee and Emma's stall
Sorry for the poor quality, I didn’t realise how blurry they were until I got them on here. They looked ok on my phone!


Christmas Raffle Hamper

They did really well, selling about 30 tickets at £1 each. After they’d paid back the cost of the stall and the hamper they’d made £7 profit each 🙂
They gave a donation to one of the charities the Brownies were collecting for and spent some of it at the fayre.

Kaycee’s saved some of hers for the next time she goes shopping.

They both worked really hard on making the posters and putting together the hamper and we’re all very proud of them 🙂

Christmas raffle - KayCee & Emma running their stall at Guides


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  1. Hannah Brooker 11th November 2014 at 10:50 pm

    That's brilliant! Well done girls!

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