“Let’s Sit Outside” — Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space For the Family

By paying keen attention to the design of your garden, you can effectively create an extra living space for your family to use during the warmer months. To help ensure your outdoor space is up-to-scratch, take a look
at the following top tips.

Select stylish and comfy furniture

No outside space is complete without some stylish and
comfortable furniture to relax on. By selecting the perfect table and chairs, you can
help ensure that you’re able to sunbathe, drink dine and relax when the sun’s out and generally get the most of your garden furniture.

Invest in outdoor dining extras

If your family enjoys entertaining, you should invest in
some extras for your outdoor dining area too. A decent barbeque can represent a
savvy purchase and a patio heater will help ensure that your guests stay warm
even after sundown. Also, a parasol, awning or another form of coverage can
protect you if the sun gets too strong or if the heavens suddenly open.
Ideally, your entertaining area should be situated on a
patio or decked area. These surfaces can be used even after downpours when the
rest of the ground is wet and muddy.

Nurture your lawn

Some households opt to get rid of their grass completely to
make garden maintenance easier. However, if you have kids, a lawn is a must.
Your little ones will want somewhere to play, and there’s no substitute for
soft, green turf. If your grass is looking a little worse for wear, or you
don’t have any at present, you can grow a new lawn from seeds. This is best done
from late summer to mid-autumn when the soil is warm and there is less
competition from weeds. Seeds are a cheaper option than placing turf and this
approach tends to be more effective in awkward areas, such as corners and
To complete your lawn, you may want to consider adding play
features such as climbing frames, rock walls, slides and swings. Having these
resources right there on your doorstep can save you trips to the park.
Meanwhile, tents, tree houses, small sheds and other bases can make the perfect
settings for imaginative games.

Start a veg patch

Gardens can provide you with a great chance to bond with
your children too. Starting a vegetable patch and getting the whole family
involved will encourage you to spend more quality time together in your outdoor
area. If you don’t have space or desire to create a full-scale vegetable
patch, you can opt for growing containers instead. Just make sure that the
plants you choose are suited to the conditions.
By introducing features like these into your garden, you can
help ensure it’s perfect for all the family.
Image by …love
, used under Creative Commons licence.
This post has been created in collaboration with Brian Smith.

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