Cyberclean Touch Screen Cleaner and Stylus – Review


Cyberclean touch screen cleaner and stylus

I have to start by saying that this is THE best stylus I’ve ever used on my iPhone.
When I received the Cyberclean Touch Screen Cleaner I didn’t expect to bother with the stylus because I’ve bought quite a few in the past and they’ve always been rubbish so I gave up with them.

I tried this one and loved it straight away.


I play a few games on my phone and the stylus is much easier to use than my finger. I stopped playing Draw Something a while ago because I couldn’t do very good drawings with my finger but I’m going to install it again now I’ve got this stylus!

I’ll stop gushing about that now though as I reckon you’ve probably got the message and I’ll move on to the cleaner.

Touch Screen Cleaner

It’s also great!

With the kids sharing my iPhone so they can play games and use apps for brushing their teeth etc, you can imagine that my screen gets filthy.
I gave it a spray then used the cleaner on the side of the pen and it came up shiny clean.

Cyberclean stylus

I noticed how dirty my laptop screen was and figured it would work well on there even though it’s not a touch screen.
It’s actually a bit embarrassing to show you how dirty my laptop screen was but I’ll do it in the name of honest reviewing!
I never switch my laptop off and you can’t really see the dirt until it’s switched off.

dirty laptop screen
Ant wrote on it to show how dirty it actually was *embarrassed*

I sprayed it a few times then used the cleaner on the side to wipe it and the results were amazing.

clean laptop screen

It was like a new laptop! It’s worth noting though that Cyberclean do make a cleaner specifically for larger screens and keyboards and you can find details on the site.


You get three refills and one already installed. I’ve only used half of the first one so far. I’ve had it a couple of weeks and tend to clean my phone screen daily when the kids have had it. One spray is plenty to get it clean unless spots of toothpaste have been allowed to dry on it (the children use it as a timer when brushing their teeth) then an extra spray could be needed!

Cyberclean refills for Touch Screen Cleaner

I don’t have a tablet so haven’t used the clip that comes with the kit so can’t comment on that but as to the rest of it, it’s fair to say that I give it a huge thumbs up 🙂


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