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August 2014

Cyberclean Touch Screen Cleaner and Stylus – Review


Cyberclean touch screen cleaner and stylus

I have to start by saying that this is THE best stylus I’ve ever used on my iPhone.
When I received the Cyberclean Touch Screen Cleaner I didn’t expect to bother with the stylus because I’ve bought quite a few in the past and they’ve always been rubbish so I gave up with them.

I tried this one and loved it straight away.


I play a few games on my phone and the stylus is much easier to use than my finger. I stopped playing Draw Something a while ago because I couldn’t do very good drawings with my finger but I’m going to install it again now I’ve got this stylus!

I’ll stop gushing about that now though as I reckon you’ve probably got the message and I’ll move on to the cleaner.

Touch Screen Cleaner

It’s also great!

With the kids sharing my iPhone so they can play games and use apps for brushing their teeth etc, you can imagine that my screen gets filthy.
I gave it a spray then used the cleaner on the side of the pen and it came up shiny clean.

Cyberclean stylus

I noticed how dirty my laptop screen was and figured it would work well on there even though it’s not a touch screen.
It’s actually a bit embarrassing to show you how dirty my laptop screen was but I’ll do it in the name of honest reviewing!
I never switch my laptop off and you can’t really see the dirt until it’s switched off.

dirty laptop screen
Ant wrote on it to show how dirty it actually was *embarrassed*

I sprayed it a few times then used the cleaner on the side to wipe it and the results were amazing.

clean laptop screen

It was like a new laptop! It’s worth noting though that Cyberclean do make a cleaner specifically for larger screens and keyboards and you can find details on the site.


You get three refills and one already installed. I’ve only used half of the first one so far. I’ve had it a couple of weeks and tend to clean my phone screen daily when the kids have had it. One spray is plenty to get it clean unless spots of toothpaste have been allowed to dry on it (the children use it as a timer when brushing their teeth) then an extra spray could be needed!

Cyberclean refills for Touch Screen Cleaner

I don’t have a tablet so haven’t used the clip that comes with the kit so can’t comment on that but as to the rest of it, it’s fair to say that I give it a huge thumbs up 🙂


Muppets Most Wanted DVD – Review

Muppets most wanted DVD

The Muppets have been a firm favourite of mine since childhood and I never tire of watching them, even now at 38 years old!

I’m happy to say my kids love them as much as I do and were really excited when Muppets Most Wanted, dropped through the letter box 🙂

Ella can often be heard saying, ‘it’s not easy being mean’, doing a very good impression of Constantine, the bad frog!

We’ve watched it a couple of times now and the girls have taken it to their sister’s house as they’ve gone to stay for the weekend.
It’s a great film that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Here’s a short synopsis and the official trailer from You Tube.

  1. This film takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour, selling out grand theatres in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets overseas, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper headed by Constantine-the World’s Number One Criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit-and his dastardly sidekick Dominic.

You can find Muppets Most Wanted at Cash Generator, the high street retailer of new and pre owned DVDs and electronics.

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the DVD in return for an honest review.


Rainbow Braid Loom Bands


Rainbow braid loom bands

The loom band craze has hit our house with the same force it has everyone else’s I imagine! We were sent a huge pack of Rainbow Braid loom bands to review and the girls were really excited when we found that it contained glow in the dark bands.

Glow in the dark rainbow braid loom bands

I’m finding little coloured rubber bands everywhere but so far it isn’t annoying me because, to be honest, I’m just as hooked as the girls!
It’s such a great pastime because it keeps you busy and it’s very challenging once you get past the basic styles.

The one thing that does annoy me though is when you’ve spent hours, yes hours, on a complicated bracelet and when you’re getting it off the loom, one of the middle bands snap and it starts to unravel.
I can very much do without that stress in my life!

We haven’t had that issue with these bands. You can tell with all the different kinds we’ve bought in the last few months, which are good quality and which aren’t.
These are excellent. The colours are great, they’re nice and strong and they don’t have that horrible smell that some of them do. The pack also includes 250 S clips.

Assorted coloured loom bands
Loom band S clips


more assorted coloured loom bands


loom bands on a loom band hook


Loom band flowers


Loom band flower on a loom band hook


Loom band bracelet with loom band flowers hanging off it


KayCee wearing the bracelet

Kaycee made this flower bracelet and I made a different kind of flower bracelet for Ella

Ella's flower bracelet

Loom bands have been brilliant for keeping for the girls entertained this summer holiday when the weather outside took a turn for the worse and I thank the people at Rainbow Braid for helping me hold onto some sanity!


Great Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement

Girls celebrating an engagement

Getting engaged is a big moment in most people’s lives and so it’s only natural that you may want to celebrate such a momentous occasion. But how? There are many, many different ways you can celebrate your engagement, and here are just a few of them…

Go on holiday

The major celebration holiday normally comes after the wedding, but there’s absolutely nothing to say you can’t celebrate your engagement by going on holiday too. You’ll both no doubt be drunk in love so it’ll be a little like a honeymoon dress rehearsal, and who needs more of an excuse to have a holiday? Also, whoever actually did the proposing may well have found the preceding days or weeks a little stressful so might need a break!

Couple walking hand in hand on a beach

Have engagement photos

It’s become a bit of trend to take engagement photos to announce you’re going to get hitched. This is largely thanks to social media where absolutely everything has to be announced on Facebook or it’s not official, but it’s also a great way of telling family and friends, particularly if you live far away from them. Now you can either do the whole thing yourself or you can opt for professional couples photography and let a pro handle it.

Throw a big party

This is probably the most common way to celebrate getting engaged, but it’s also one of the most fun. You can get together with all of your closest family and friends and soak in all the well wishes and congratulations you’ll receive. If you wanted to make it a little more interesting then you could always have a theme so that it’s not just the same as any other party – maybe have a ‘ball and chain’ theme!

Have another first date

couple holding hands, showing the engagement ring

You no doubt remember your first date with your spouse-to-be, whether it be good or bad (can’t have been that bad), so you could revisit that first date and reminisce now that you’re engaged to be married. It may have just been a trip to the cinema or a meal in a particular restaurant, but whatever it was, it would be a good way to celebrate the commitment you’ve made to each other.

Break open the bubbly 

If you’re celebrating then you don’t really have any reason not to crack open a nice bottle of
champagne. Even if it’s just the two of you at home, have a nice meal and a glass of champagne is a
great, intimate way of celebrating.

Plan the wedding!

If one or both of you is particularly keen, then the best kind of celebration might just be to start
planning the wedding. There is a lot to organise, so it’s not wise to leave it too long anyway, and one of you may well already have a lot of it planned out in your head and can’t wait to get started.

This is a collaborative post.


Skegness Day Trip

We took the kids to Skegness on Sunday for a day trip. My brother and his family, sister and her family and my mum have gone for the week so we met up with them for the day.

We had fish and chips, warm doughnuts and lots of other treats which contributed to my not losing any weight this week but I really enjoyed the day so I’m not complaining!

I have to admit I’ve been complaining a lot since though but not about the food. My back went last week and walking round all day on Sunday really hurt it. I’m having to use a walking stick at the moment and I’m not getting much sleep because of the pain.

Hopefully it’ll get better soon because the girls want to go and feed the ducks before they go back to school and we’ve also got all the uniform shopping to do before they go back to school next Thursday. I’ve not been very organised with the school uniforms this year again and I’m betting everything we need is going to be sold out!

Anyway, here are a few photos from Skeggy. Most of them were taken by Ant because I was mainly concentrating on trying to walk without causing pain!

Skegvegas arcades at Skegness


KayCee and Ella on the beach


Jake digging in the sand


Playing on the beach


Jake and Aiden playing on the beach




Driving home from Skegness


“Let’s Sit Outside” — Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space For the Family

By paying keen attention to the design of your garden, you can effectively create an extra living space for your family to use during the warmer months. To help ensure your outdoor space is up-to-scratch, take a look
at the following top tips.

Select stylish and comfy furniture

No outside space is complete without some stylish and
comfortable furniture to relax on. By selecting the perfect table and chairs, you can
help ensure that you’re able to sunbathe, drink dine and relax when the sun’s out and generally get the most of your garden furniture.

Invest in outdoor dining extras

If your family enjoys entertaining, you should invest in
some extras for your outdoor dining area too. A decent barbeque can represent a
savvy purchase and a patio heater will help ensure that your guests stay warm
even after sundown. Also, a parasol, awning or another form of coverage can
protect you if the sun gets too strong or if the heavens suddenly open.
Ideally, your entertaining area should be situated on a
patio or decked area. These surfaces can be used even after downpours when the
rest of the ground is wet and muddy.

Nurture your lawn

Some households opt to get rid of their grass completely to
make garden maintenance easier. However, if you have kids, a lawn is a must.
Your little ones will want somewhere to play, and there’s no substitute for
soft, green turf. If your grass is looking a little worse for wear, or you
don’t have any at present, you can grow a new lawn from seeds. This is best done
from late summer to mid-autumn when the soil is warm and there is less
competition from weeds. Seeds are a cheaper option than placing turf and this
approach tends to be more effective in awkward areas, such as corners and
To complete your lawn, you may want to consider adding play
features such as climbing frames, rock walls, slides and swings. Having these
resources right there on your doorstep can save you trips to the park.
Meanwhile, tents, tree houses, small sheds and other bases can make the perfect
settings for imaginative games.

Start a veg patch

Gardens can provide you with a great chance to bond with
your children too. Starting a vegetable patch and getting the whole family
involved will encourage you to spend more quality time together in your outdoor
area. If you don’t have space or desire to create a full-scale vegetable
patch, you can opt for growing containers instead. Just make sure that the
plants you choose are suited to the conditions.
By introducing features like these into your garden, you can
help ensure it’s perfect for all the family.
Image by …love
, used under Creative Commons licence.
This post has been created in collaboration with Brian Smith.

How much energy do you use?

I have to be honest and say that I have absolutely no idea how much energy we use never mind water. The gas and electric are paid as one payment each month and I just make sure the money is the bank!

We did notice a couple of months ago when we were trying to sort out the change over after we had moved, that the electric seemed to be a lot higher than usual. We figured out it was because we had changed from a gas cooker to an electric one.
I haven’t actually looked into it though to see if it’s costing the same or more to run the electric cooker so that’s now on my ‘to do’ list!

If you’d like to estimate how much energy your household uses? You can find out at Which?

energy usage, ecomovers, eco friendly, eco packing materials


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Eco Movers


Slimming World Woman of the Year

I can’t believe I won Slimming World woman of the year at my Slimming World group. I want to thank everyone from my group for voting for me 😀

I think everyone who’s following my journey knows I’ve struggled with it this past year. I lost 7 stone in my first year and only 1 and a half stone my second year.

Slimming World Woman Of the Year

The fact that I haven’t given up and put it all back on is down to my lovely consultant, Sue, and all the members who support me every week.

This came at just the right time for me as I’ve had a big gain this week and was feeling quite down about it.
I got home from group and gave Ant the 2 packets of Reeses peanut butter cups (approx 30 syns for the 2 packets) I had intended to eat and not count the syns because I was feeling crappy and I’ve been totally on track today, even working out the syns for a portion of our homemade ice cream and sticking to that portion! It was 12 syns but oh my it was totally worth it!

I have the determination I had when I first joined 2 years ago and I want this next year to be as good as the first.
I’ll be happy, though, as long as I weigh less in a year than I do now, even it’s only 1 and a half stone lower because it’s 100 times better than being 10 stone heavier 😀


Excellent customer service :)

Ella was really excited when she saw a picture of Paddington Bear on the jar of Robertson’s marmalade the other week. It said there were badges to collect so she asked if I could go on the website and find out how to collect them.
I tried going to the website but couldn’t find the promotion anywhere.
After checking for a while then searching Google and getting Ant to search Google, with no joy, I emailed Robertson’s customer service, asking how we could collect the badges.

I didn’t hear back from them but to be honest I’d totally forgotten about it.

Today the postman put a package through my door. I’m expecting some items for review so thought it was one of them but it turned out to be a letter from Hain Daniels Group informing me that the promotion had ended but they had a few of the badges left and had included 1 of each design for Ella 😀

I wasn’t expecting that at all and would like to thank Robertson’s (@HainDaniels) for making a little girl very happy 😀

Paddington badges from Robertson's - excellent customer service


Millionaire Shortbread

This is another of our summer bucket list ideas and one of our favourites to date because it’s just so delicious!
We were going to write out the recipe for this millionaire shortbread so we took all the photos, but then I remembered that we’ve already done a recipe for it on the blog. You can find it here.

KayCee measured all the ingredients for millionaire shortbread
Kaycee loves to organise everything ahead of a cooking session!


Galaxy chocolate
Yummmmm Galaxy!


KayCee mixing the ingredients
Kaycee made the shortbread…


Ella helped make the caramel
while Ella helped with the caramel (for a very short time because she got fed up with how long it was taking!)
homemade caramel
Note to self, get someone else to take photos so you never have to stop stirring the caramel. Tiny little dark brown specks where it started to burn is not good!


millionaire shortbread
The eagle-eyed bakers amongst you will spot that our shortbread isn’t cooked properly. I didn’t understand why until I realised we’d used the wrong sized tin so should have cooked it for longer than the recipe said. The kids didn’t mind, they ate all up!


millionaire shortbread
So. Many. Calories. But oh so delicious!