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June 2014

52 Weeks of gratitude – Week 4

It’s week 4 of 52 weeks of gratitude and here’s what I’m thankful for this week:
1) The rain – saves me a job watering the garden!
2) The look on Kaycee and Ella’s face when I told them I’d ordered them 2000 loom bands in a storage box with charms, board and hooks. They were so excited!
3) Movie night with the S.W.H. (super wonderful husband) watching Forrest Gump
4) Taco night with tacos made by Kaycee followed by banana and ice cream pancakes made by Ella (with a little help from mummy!)
5) Music of the week – Madness
6) Ice cream
7) Strawberries and cream for the family, strawberries and fat free Greek yogurt for me because I’m being good and really want to get that 8 and a half stone award next week!
8) Water guns and paddling pools
9) The concert Kaycee and Ella put on just for me at bedtime last night instead of story time 🙂
10) Our lovely GP who saw Kaycee and Ella this week. They haven’t been to the doctors since they were tiny and couldn’t remember ever going. They were a bit nervous but our GP put them at ease and now they’re not worried about having to go again.
I’m joining in with This Enchanted Pixie and her 52 weeks of gratitude linky 🙂


How does your garden grow? June 26th

Another week where not much has been done in the garden. After all the excitement of the new garden plans a few weeks ago, I seem to have developed a feeling of dread every time I go out there because it’s such a big space and there’s so much to do and I really have no idea where to start.
If someone asks me, how does your garden grow? I’d say, with weeds, lots and lots of weeds!


The weeds are seriously tall now in the area that is going to be the water feature and I’m actually quite ashamed of the whole top of the garden because it looks like a neglected dumping ground. I wonder what the neighbours are thinking?!

I really have to put a plan in place to make a start on the changes. I know we’re not planning on doing the waterfall, stream and pond until next year but I can’t live with it like this for the rest of the summer.

Birthday BBQ

The girls are having a birthday BBQ in August so I want it to at least look clean and tidy by then.

I’m going to split it up into smaller jobs and work on one section at a time so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

pink flower - how does your garden grow
New flowers opening. Only noticed this one today, not sure what it is but love the soft pink colour.


Little apples from the June Drop - how does your garden grow?
Excuse the dead grass clippings, I’m not sure where the grass rake is! These are all the little apples under our tree from the ‘June drop’. I hadn’t heard of it till I watched Monty on Gardener’s World last week.


Lavender bush falling over
The poor lilac has fallen over under the weight of the flowers. I was going to take some cuttings then dig it up and throw it away but figured I should wait until the flowers have gone so the bees get the benefit. I’ll take plenty of cuttings this weekend so I can replace it next year 🙂
The cornflowers have also fallen over and you can see the tall weeds in the background. It’s not looking good at the minute but I have to keep telling myself that it’s going to take time.


an orange winged moth
This little guy wasn’t at all shy, even when I went in really close for the picture!


Sidalcea flowers
I love this flower and it’s one I do know the name of because it was a birthday present from my mother in law a few years ago. It’s a Sidalcea and flowers every year without fail!


pink flowers
More new flowers, again unsure of the name but love the colour.


I didn’t know until I just Googled the ladybird, that it’s a harlequin ladybird and they’re not nice like our own ladybirds. I went back out to give it a spray, but unfortunately, it had gone.


white hydrangea
The two hydrangeas that are planted in the borders have started to flower. I have a gorgeous white one…


white hydrangea


pink hydrangea
and a darker pink one 🙂 All I need now is a blue one!


beautiful lillies
I seem to have kept the lily beetles at bay this week! This flower can be seen in last week’s post and I was happy to see it hadn’t been munched on 🙂


yellow lillies
I was even happier to see this absolutely gorgeous lily open today. Lilies have long been my favourite flower and I can’t describe how much I love seeing all these lilies growing in my garden and not knowing what colour they’re going to be until they open!

Alphabet Project – G is for Grandad

I’ve searched for a photo of Grandad with all three kids but haven’t been able to find one. He’s coming for dinner tomorrow night so I’m going to get some photos of them all together 🙂
Here he is with Kaycee and Aiden about 6-7 years ago I think.

Aiden and KayCee with Grandad

He’s always there for them (and us!), all they have to do is give him a call and he’ll do his best to do whatever they’ve asked.
I really don’t know what we’d do without him!

I’m linking up with Podcast’s Alphabet Project


7 Tips for Gardening in the Summer

With summer seemingly just about here, many people will be
heading out into the garden to give it the attention it’s probably been crying
out for during the more inclement weather. With that in mind, here are some top
tips for gardening during the nicer weather the summer (hopefully) has to
Gardening in the summer
Water, water everywhere
This might be obvious, but if it’s hot then you need to keep
the water flowing to stop everything from drying out. Water once a day if you
can, or try and set up some kind of sprinkler system to ensure your garden gets
the water it needs. Try installing a rainwater tank to make the most of any
rain that does fall. If the water supply is low then water deeply and occasionally
so you don’t run out. There are some more great tips on watering during summer here.
Water in the morning
Watering in the morning when it’s a little cooler will not
only ensure your garden has enough water during the hotter parts of the day,
but it also reduces the chance of mildew and other fungi building up as it
gives the water a chance to dry out by the end of the day.

watering the garden


Keep the lawn long
It might be tempting to keep the lawn as short as possible,
especially as it can grow quite a lot over the summer, but it’s actually better
if you let it grow a little, cutting it on the longest setting on your mower.
It will wear better and will also suppress weeds from developing.
Don’t do your hard work in the midday sun
Again, this might sound obvious but try to avoid doing all the hard work during the hottest parts of the day. For example, if you’re going to try something audacious like this amazing hedge design then you could end up sunburnt and dehydrated. Maybe try and do some work in the shade during those hours or limit your gardening to simple tasks. And don’t forget to wear suncream!
Look after new plantings
Anything new that you plant, particularly new vegetables,
might not be used to the sun, so it’s best to give them a little protection to
harden them up. Give them a little shade using foliage or shade cloths and
they’ll soon get used to the extra sun.
Look out for pests
Summer can bring about a host of new pests into your garden,
so keep an eye out for anything new you haven’t seen before. Warm and wet
weather brings out all sorts of pests, so be vigilant. This is a great resource for identifying pests and diseases in your garden.

pruning plants


Work to increase shade

Whilst you want your garden to get some sun, you also need
to ensure it gets enough shade or it could dry out. Put up fencing or
trellis-work to provide some shade or even shade cloths and sails. You could
also try planting large plants or even trees to provide more shade for lower
lying plants.

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Slimming World Syn Free Iced Tea Recipe

I’ve been looking for an alternative to diet coke now the weather’s getting warmer. Even though diet fizzy drinks are free on Slimming World, everyone knows drinking too many carbonated drinks is not good for you.

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52 Weeks of Gratitude. Week 3

KayCee - my 52 weeks of gratitude list, week 3 includes this beautiful girl's kindness
Photo editing done using free site – Photo Mania


I’m joining in with This Enchanted Pixie and her 52 weeks of gratitude linky. Here’s my week 3 list 🙂

1) Having my dad come to stay for a couple of days last week. I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like because he lives in Derbyshire and I live in Lincoln so it was lovely to spend some time with him while he was on holiday from work 🙂
2) Lovely weather – it hasn’t been particularly hot but it’s not been raining and the temperature has been just right for me.
3) Music – the music of choice today is Nirvana and Guns N Roses. Right now I’m listening to Paradise City and trying to remember the words I used to know without even thinking!
4) Reading again – I’ve been struggling to find something to read. Nothing I’ve picked up recently has kept me hooked. I’m hoping the Britmum’s book club book of the month, The Judas Scar, is going to get me reading again because I really miss it.
5) Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Not slimming world friendly at all but boy did I enjoy the peanut butter cup flavour!
6) Lilies again – The previous owner planted loads of them and every day I’m seeing new ones open. I now have deep red ones and some cream ones 🙂
7) Aiden’s dry humour – the other day I asked him to plug the fish in. He got down on his hands and knees, looked at all the plugs and extension lead and said, totally deadpan, I don’t see any fish mum.
It still makes me laugh now, days later, when I picture his face and hear him saying it in my head!
8) Seeing Ella’s delight when her dad came home from work with a football for her on Wednesday. She does a football club at school and wanted to be able to practice her skills at home.
9) Kaycee’s kindness – She wanted to make peppermint creams the other day but not for herself, for her teacher and friends at school and some for us. She’s always thinking of others.
10) Last but by no means least, my super wonderful husband who took care of me when I had a migraine at the start of the week and while doing so, did all the laundry and cleaning and walked the girls to school and back.
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