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May 2014

Country Kids – Hartsholme Park

The girls and Aiden went to Hartsholme Park today with their big sister, Kellyann. They took Nanny’s dog, ChiChi and from the look of the photos, they all had a wonderful time 🙂

All photos © Kellyann






















Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

52 weeks of gratitude

My husband phoned this morning and mentioned this blog post which immediately made me remember that I’d scheduled it but not actually written it!

He wondered why I wasn’t very thankful for anything!!

Anyway, here goes 🙂

1) Losing 4 and a half pounds after very unfairly gaining 4 pounds last week!
2) Constant support from the S.W.H. (super wonderful husband) who helps keep me going on my slimming world journey and never judges when I’m struggling.
3) My wonderful new plans for the garden. SO excited!
4) Having a child free week while the kids have been staying with family
5) Having the kids home today; while I loved the time to myself, I’ve missed them 🙂
6) A gorgeous new nephew bringing the total to 12 nieces and nephews!
7) All the wonderful plants and flowers planted by the previous owner who very obviously loved his garden. I never thought I’d love a garden as much as I did our old one but I love this one even more and can’t wait to get out there when the sun comes back!
8) My new kitchen
9) My new cross stitch kit that I got for Christmas. It’s been ages since I did counted cross stitch and I’m really enjoying it.
10) Having the S.W.H. home more now the shop hours have been reduced. Yes, it means less money but it’s lovely to have so much time together 🙂

If you want to share what you’re grateful for, you can link up with This Enchanted Pixie 🙂


How does your garden grow? May 29th

It’s been an exciting week for me as Ant and I have been making plans for the garden. We’ve agreed to leave the lawn as it is for the kids to play on, apart from the addition of some decking in one corner which will also be for the kids; we want them to be able to have the paddling pool out all summer without worrying about killing the grass so we thought decking would be perfect.

I’m planning a post with full details soon which will include pictures of the waterfall, stream and pond we’re planning 🙂

Back to the garden now though and it’s been a dull, rainy week with no opportunity to really get out there to do anything significant.

To say I’m excited to see the amount of apples we have on our tree would be a total understatement!

This is my Deutzia strawberry fields. I bought it a few years ago and I love seeing the colour coming back every spring. The flowers are lovely when they’re fully out.

I’m not sure what these are. I have purple ones as well 🙂

The rose bush looks a bit tired and bedraggled on the whole but the flowers are still gorgeous.

After my lupins were devoured by greenfly, I said I’d give up on trying to grow them but a friend offered Ant some young plants so I’m going to try again. We did buy some bug spray last week so hopefully I’ll be able to keep the greenfly at bay.

The other week I fell in love with a flower I saw on The Purple Pumpkin Blog and with the help of some lovely people in a gardening group I belong to on Facebook, I found out that they’re called Candytuft. I planned on buying some seeds and added them to my basket on Ebay; I decided to wait before buying them however because I’m trying to get some Beavers clothes for Ella and thought I’d do the order all at once.
Anyway, I keep getting outbid on the Beaver uniforms so I haven’t bought the seeds yet. I’m really happy now because I already have Candytuft in my garden, just coming into flower 🙂

I have no idea what this plant is called but we have one each side of the steps that go to the lawn and I absolutely love them 🙂

Another Candytuft photo because they’re so adorable. Like Michelle on the Purple Pumpkin blog, I love how the little petals look like butterflies.

More apples….just because!

Not sure what these are but love the different pinks 🙂

Another unknown (yep, I have loads of plants in my garden that I have no idea of what they are!) but gorgeous, don’t you think?

I really can’t wait to see what colour this hydrangea is going to be. I have 3 of them, this one is in a pot I bought from our old house last and it’s the first year for it to flower so as I have no idea what kind of soil we had at the old house, I don’t know what colour this is going to be. I’m not sure what soil we have in this garden either so the 2 that are planted in the borders here are also unknown to me. I love surprises!

Finally a little update about Kaycee and Ella’s new business. We’ve decided to call it Flourish and Blossom and they made their first sale this week when their Nanny bought a tray of sweetpeas for £2.50 🙂

Kaycee’s planning on selling the plants for £1 each so judging by how many we already have, they’re going to make lots of money if they can find buyers for them all! Kaycee can’t wait to set up shop on the front and try to entice passers by!


Alphabet Project – B and C

I missed last week’s alphabet project so I’m playing catch up!

B is for my Blueberry bush that doesn’t seem to be liking the upheaval of the house move 🙁 It’s supposed to have the first fruit this year but after only seeing 2 or 3 flowers that didn’t actually bloom very well, I’m not holding out much hope.
Fingers crossed for next year!

C is for Cornflower. I’m finding new plants popping up in the garden every week and this week I was delighted to find these gorgeous cornflowers 🙂

I’m linking up with PODcast’s Alphabet Project

Welcome to the world, Logan :)

Welcome to the world, Logan 🙂

My newest nephew, Logan, was born in the early hours of this morning weighing 6lb 7oz 🙂 He’s baby brother to Jake

and Megan

and cousin to Aiden, Kaycee, Ella, Bradley, Mason, Lily-May, Nathan, Courtney, Chloe, George, Oliver and Alyssa 🙂

I can’t wait for cuddles!
Congratulations James, Kirsty, Jake and Megan xxx

Photo Challenge – May 24th

With not much left of the day (it’s 11.20pm as I write), I just remembered that Ant and I had our first date 11 years ago today 🙂

May 17th – Ella really wants a paddling pool and keeps wearing her swimming costume every time the sun comes out! She asked me to take this photo so she could what her face looked like when she blew on the glass!


May 18th – My new coffee plant that Ant bought me 🙂


May 19th – My second hand bargain, a £3 Nigella Christmas book from the charity shop that Ant bought me 🙂


May 20th – Not often I get them both smiling on a photo!


May 21st – We played Come Dine With Me again tonight. Aiden made delicious garlic mushrooms with a garlic dip, Ella made Saag Aloo that everyone loved except Ella! and Kaycee made this gorgeous dessert that won her the £1 prize!


May 22nd – Ella’s got a thing for buttercups at the moment and picks them every time she sees them so she can check to see if I like butter! After checking she decided to put this one in her hair 🙂


May 23rd – Kaycee doing Just Dance on the Wii 🙂


My #shelfie for the #GreatBritishHomeQuiz

I took the Great British Home quiz by Victoria Plumb bathrooms (again) to find my home style but the results must be wrong because I am not, not I say, like Joey Essex or Sam Faiers from TOWIE!!

No one could ever describe me as glamorous or always ready for the camera, in fact, I shy away from the camera at every opportunity!

I got the same result last time I took this quiz and I tried different answers this time so maybe I have an inner glamour puss just trying to breakout and I should just accept it!

Anyway, I also took a #shelfie and posted it on Instagram and now I’m sharing the story behind it on my blog 🙂

This is my new shelf in my new kitchen and I absolutely love it! If you’re a regular reader you’ve probably seen this too many times now!

I’ve seen this vintage style tea cups and saucers all over Pinterest and really wanted some. I kept looking in charity shops but never found any.
We recently moved to this house and our old loft was packed to the rafters with boxes from Ant’s old home in Northern Ireland. They’ve been stored up there for over 10 years and I had no idea they held these treasures until we were sorting out what to keep when we moved here.

I can’t believe I’ve had these in my house since I lived there and never knew about them!

Another favourite of mine is the stack of measuring cups I got from John Lewis last year. I bought them with a little butter dish and a gorgeous cheeseboard that is hiding from me somewhere; I haven’t been able to find it since the move but I still have two sheds of stuff to sort out so I’m hoping it’s in a box of kitchen things in one of the sheds.

So there you have it, my #shelfie 🙂

If you click the Victoria Plumb link above, you can take the Great British Home Quiz yourself and be in with the chance of winning £250. Good luck!

How does your garden grow? May 22nd

Just a few photos from my mother in law’s garden this week as not much has really changed in ours.



We’ve been discussing our garden quite a lot this week and we’ve decided that we’re going to build a wooden pergola type thing over the patio, but it’s going to have a roof so we can use the patio in any weather and I’m going to grow wisteria up it 🙂
We’re also planning on building a waterfall, stream and pond. It’s not going to be until next year so I have plenty of time to find exactly the right layout I want.
I’m excited to be making plans but I’m also happy that the garden is already lovely and we can take our time and work on it as and when time and funds allow 🙂

Being spoilt!

The super wonderful husband has been spoiling me recently.

On Sunday we went to B&Q and B&M to buy compost and other stuff for Kaycee and Ella’s new business venture! While at B&Q I fell in love with these cute little coffee cups with a coffee plant inside so Ant bought me one 🙂

Then yesterday, after dropping the girls off at school, I had to nip to Poundstretcher to buy more plant pots for Kaycee and Ella’s new business venture (which is starting to cost us a fortune!) and Ant had nipped into work to check on some computers. He came and met me at Poundstretcher then we popped in to the charity shop on the way to the car because I’d seen a Kathy Reichs novel I wanted to buy.

They had all the cook books set out on a big dining table and the first book I saw on top of a big pile was Nigella Lawson’s Christmas book.
I’ve had this book on my Amazon wishlist for about 3 years now but with a price tag of over £17 there was always more important things to spend my money on!

You guessed it, I am now the proud owner of Nigella Christmas 🙂 He did say he’d buy it me for my birthday (which isn’t till July) but I didn’t hand it over when we got home and we both know he’s going to buy me more birthday presents anyway!!

I also picked up another Christmas recipe book while I was there because I just can’t resist Christmas cook books!

Don’t you just love Charity shop bargains?! Have you found any good deals at a charity shop lately?


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