Lego Friends from Argos – Review

It’s nearly Christmas so excitement is in abundance at the moment in our house, so much so I didn’t think it possible for the level to rise any higher; however, when this Lego Friends set arrived from Argos for the girls to review, the level nearly went through the roof!


I told the girls to sit at the kitchen table and I’d be in shortly to help them. They must have misheard because when I went in they were sitting on the kitchen table and this became their preferred place to sit while building this lovely doll house 🙂

All the pieces to make the entire house were split into 7 bags and the aim is to work your way, in order, through the bags.

The age range is from 6-12 and whilst Ella (6) could follow the instructions, she couldn’t maintain her concentration for very long (she’s very active and likes to be on the move a lot!) so Kaycee (8) who just loves this methodical way of working, ended up making the majority of it on her own and Ella took interest again when it was all done and she could get down to the business of playing!


It took Kaycee a couple of evenings, with a little help from me at times, to complete it and when it was done she loved it 🙂
She didn’t want Ella to play with it though because she didn’t want it breaking so we had to have a little talk about sharing and the beauty of Lego which is it can be easily put back together!

They now want the other sets from the Lego friends collection!

Argos have a large selection of all things Lego available to buy here

Disclaimer: We were sent the Lego friends kit to review but all opinions are my own and are honest.


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