When you don’t want to write loads of Christmas cards…..

get the kids to do them!

Kaycee and Ella spent a few hours yesterday being nice to each other while making Christmas cards together. I bought a Forever Friends Christmas card kit last year from Argos and only made a few of the cards. There were loads of cards, stickers, backing papers and pictures left and I knew the girls would love to make them.

They spent tonight after their bath, writing them to family and friends. We wrote a list of all the people we have to send cards to then they each took turns to pick people from the list. They only managed to write a few in the time they had and were sad when bedtime came because they were enjoying themselves!

It’s been great because I’ve been able to cross off a task on the Christmas To Do list and they’ve had a great time making and writing them.
I reckon we’ll be doing this again next year, in fact, Kaycee’s asked if I can buy her a kit all of her own so she gets to use more stickers because Ella’s a bit sticker happy!









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  1. Ant 11th November 2013 at 6:48 am

    Or just do as I do and pretend Christmas doesn't exist. just watch everyone else scurrying around like Santa's elves…

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