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Photo Challenge – September 28th

21st – Mum and I spent nearly all day clearing out cupboards and packing stuff up ready for the new kitchen to be installed. We haven’t had the dates yet but I figure it can’t hurt to make a start so it’s not all one big rush. I spent ages cleaning the old cooker ready to put it on freecycle 🙂
22nd – This was the colour of my hair on Sunday before mum dyed it for me….


23rd – and this is the colour of it today. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show the true colour as it looks red in the photo and it’s more purple in natural light!



24th – My new cooker arrived and I was soooo excited! I kept going in the kitchen and just looking at it!


25th – My sample bottle of Baileys Chocolat Luxe arrived and it’s now my favourite Baileys flavour! It’s like liquid chocolate with the deliciousness of Baileys 🙂


26th – The kids and I were all in my bedroom doing the bedtime routine when this huggggeeee wasp flew in the window and made us all run out and fetch daddy to come save us!


27th – A chocolate cake treat 🙂


7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – September 28th

  1. I so have to try that baileys it sounds amazing! I love your new cooker it is lovely.

  2. wow that new cooker looks lovely!!!! i would be admiring it all the time too! and that Baileys drink sounds amazing x

  3. Oooh – new cooker – how exciting! I got a Baileys sample to but I haven't tried it yet – looking forward to it though!

  4. your cooker looks amazing i would of been the same but i think i would of been checking it wasnt a dream. is a beaut!

  5. Oh my word, that cooker is astoundingly beautiful! I would just sit and stroke it.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. Wasps are a pain at this time of year

  7. Eeeek to the wasp!! OOOOO to your lovely new cooker!

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