Vanish stain remover – Review

I used to manage a laundry and one of my specialities was stain removal. It was made very easy there though because they had a range of chemical stain removers for just about every stain you can think of.

At home though I don’t have access to those stain removers and many an item of clothing has had to be thrown away due to the sticky, food covered fingers of children who use their dresses/trousers/t-shirts etc as napkins!
I was sent some Vanish Oxi Action spray and powder to try and I’m really pleased with the results 🙂
Kaycee cooked dinner for us the other night. She made a delicious chicken pizza with the chicken breasts being the base instead of bread and she topped them with her home made pizza sauce, mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese.
Of course she managed to get the tomato based sauce all over her brand new dress that her sister bought her for her birthday at the beginning of the month.
Now she loves this dress and the thought it being ruined was very distressing for her so you can imagine how happy she was when Mum saved the day by spraying it with Vanish, leaving it to work for a few minutes then chucking it in the washer with a scoop of the Vanish powder added to the powder drawer.
While I was at it, I decided to try it on Ella’s Piglet cushion that she’d left in the garden for a few nights.
It was filthy and had been rained on more than once!
I sprayed it all over and left it to work before adding it to the washer with the dress.
Both items came out looking wonderful and I now have two very happy girls 🙂
If you need help with stain removal, check out the stain solutions on the Vanish website. I’ll be checking how to get rid of coffee stains and red wine stains because although I’d like to believe it was just the children who ruined clothes with stains, I’m very clumsy and you can bet your bottom dollar that if I have a white top on I’m going to spill something bad like coffee or red wine on it!
Disclosure: I was sent the Vanish to review but this didn’t guarantee a favourable review. All opinions of the product are honest and accurate.

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