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August 2013

Photo challenge – August 3rd to 9th

3rd – I bought the girls a Moshi Monsters tent as a joint birthday present. They love filling it with their duvets and pillows and pretending it’s their house!
4th & 6th – I was confused when I got very tall yellow lilies because I remembered small white ones and pink ones but not yellow ones. This week the small pink ones opened then a couple of days later the white ones opened! I reckon that this year must be the first year the yellow bulbs grew 🙂
5th – Ella’s second front tooth is very wobbly and she keeps eating apples and pears trying to make it fall out!
7th – Sisterly hugs…..makes a change from the constant arguing and bickering that’s been taking place the past week or so!
8th – Ella’s 6th birthday finally arrived. She’s been wishing all week that she was born before Kaycee so she could have her birthday first! Here she is modelling some hair braids Kaycee bought her for her birthday 🙂
9th – 2 photos for today because the girls each made themselves a birthday cake for when we have a birthday picnic on Sunday. We’re going to Derbyshire for the afternoon so that the girls can celebrate with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from my side of the family 🙂


How does your garden grow – August 8th

Last Friday it was Kaycee’s birthday. On Sunday it was their Grandmother’s (Nanny) birthday. Today it’s Ella’s birthday.
For the last 2-3 weeks Ant and I have been working on birthday surprises for them all which has been a nightmare at times to keep secret from each person!

As you know, Ant built a summer house for the girls as a surprise from Nanny for their birthdays. What Nanny didn’t know was that while Ant was doing that, I spent the last week working on the path in the play area and a full weekend of very hard work, creating a rockery in the corner of the play area.

We used the corner to dump a huge pile of sticks that had been created when the evergreen hedge that was originally in the garden had to be taken out so the fence could be put up.
Nanny liked the hedge but it wasn’t good for Chi-Chi who would have been able to escape between the trunks!

I finished off the brick and stone path but couldn’t go all the way to the back door because Nanny’s having an extension done in September.
I then started on the play area path and we decided to make it into a bark path so it fitted in with the woodland feel in that part of the garden.

I dug the borders, covered them with weed matting and stones so that they’re ready for planting when Nanny’s settled in and can decide how she wants the borders.

I still have more borders to sort out that have been taken over by grass and weeds but I’m leaving that for now so that I don’t damage the plants that are in the middle of flowering.

On to the photos!





















The circle bit is for Kaycee and to create their own flower garden using plants that grow well in shade 🙂





The summer house reveal!

Ant built the porch using wood from the old fence that everyone (including me!) wanted to chuck away weeks ago!



The girls planted flowers round the porch…



and Ella found a new friend who she instantly adored and spent the next 2 hours looking after!
In the end she did let it go but she was very sad having to do so.

Finally, they found this little chap in the summer house and both squealed when they first saw him but when he uncurled and started exploring they were fascinated with him!


Nanny’s moving in to her new house today so she’s going to need time to get everything sorted so I’m keeping the girls home this week and having a rest from the garden.

I’m loving the play area and rockery and have really enjoyed the whole process. I’m excited to start on the next parts that need doing but I’m not rushing to get them done. I’m going to work steadily and enjoy it!

There’s going to be a new patio when the extension has been done and I’m going to talk to Nanny about making a wildlife area on the other side of the play area. It’s already full of insects, frogs and lovely plants, like the 2 bushes that meet in an arch and create a magical garden den!
Still lots more to do but plenty of time in which to do it 🙂

The Gallery – Play

Nanny bought the girls a summer house for their birthdays this year. They are very excited and can’t wait to start decorating it and making it homely!
They’ve already moved the baby dolls in with their cots and prams 🙂
I think they’re going to love this ‘house’ for many years to come!


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Photo Challenge – July 27th to August 2nd

27th – Kaycee and Ella’s summer house at Nanny’s is nearly done and this is the section we’ve done for them to plant flowers in. I have to fill it with soil and compost then put weed matting down and cover it with stones to help keep the weeds down.
We have to get plants that thrive in a woodland garden so we need to research shade loving plants before they can start planting.
28th – Ant and I went out for lunch on Sunday with his sister, her husband and her dad. I had apple fritters and ice cream for dessert and it was delicious 🙂
29th – The lilies opened….yay!!!!
30th – I called in at a local shop with Ant and found one of my favourite plants for just £1.99. I prefer the pink lantanas but I’m happy with a yellow one 🙂
31st – We have a waterfall on the back garden and recently we’ve been having trouble with the pump. I left the cover off the bucket of water that’s buried in the ground for the pump and later that day we found a frog in the bucket!
I rescued him (or her!) with a fishing net because it was a steep bucket and he/she wouldn’t have been able to get out but later that day he/she had jumped back in!
1st – Ella made this cake for Kaycee’s birthday tomorrow. We had it early because both girls are off to their sisters tomorrow afternoon to stay for the weekend. It was delicious and I fear I’ve eaten too much to get my 2.5lb loss that I was aiming for on weigh in day next week!
2nd – Happy birthday to my gorgeous, wonderful 8 year old Kaycee 🙂 She was super excited when she woke up! She’s going to be spoilt rotten over the weekend at her sister’s then again next week when she has a joint birthday party at Hubbard’s Hill 🙂


Book review – The Fairy Bell Sisters

Ella usually has to share review items with Kaycee so you can imagine how excited she was to receive two books just for her to review!

The first one we’ve read is called, The Fairy Bell Sisters – Silver and the fairy ball.

The Fairy Bell Sisters are the younger sisters of Tinkerbell; there’s Clara, Lily, Rosie, Silver and baby Squeak.

Silver is sad because she’s one day too young to attend the annual fairy ball. She can be a little naughty sometimes but always has the best intentions.

Here’s what Ella thinks of the book:

“I really like the fairy bell sisters. I love fairies because they’re nice. Chapter 3 made me laugh because it says, ‘oh thank goodness you’ve turned the page!’. It’s so funny.
I think it is suitable for my age. I am nearly 6.
I’m looking forward to reading Rosie and the secret friend”


How does your garden grow – August 1st

I’ve done the path around the children’s play area but haven’t got photos yet so this week it’s photos from my own garden 🙂

I’m very excited to show off my lilies! They finally started opening and late last night we had the back door open and the scent of the lilies was drifting through the room 🙂
I was surprised to find that they’re now yellow after being white with a hint of yellow last year!





The carnations have also started to open

Two of the three rose bushes I rescued from Nanny’s front garden are blooming

The Sidalcea Nanny bought me for my birthday last year is looking lovely

and I was really pleased to find a Lantana plant when I nipped into a local shop with Ant the other day. I had a pink one a couple of years ago but I didn’t protect it over winter and it died.
I’ll be bringing this yellow one in the house this year!
I’m still on the lookout for another pink one. There are some seeds I can buy on Amazon so if I don’t find an adult plant, I’ll get some seeds.

This week the linky is over at PODcast while the lovely Mammsaurus is on holiday 🙂

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