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August 2013

Photo Challenge – August 24th to 30th

24th – All the new school clothes arrived from Tesco. I now have to iron in all the labels (never again will I be buying sew in labels!) and get them all organised and put away.
25th – We took Jamie and Damien (the grandchildren) to Whisby Nature Reserve and Daisy Made Ice Cream along with their dad, Jason and his girlfriend Gemma. We had a lovely afternoon and you can see the rest of the photos here 🙂
26th – I bought this Lantana a few weeks ago and a couple of days later all the petals had fallen off the flowers. I figured I’d bought it at the end of it’s flowering season but after being flowerless for a few weeks, it started blooming again 🙂
27th – We had the boys again on Tuesday while Jason went for a job interview. We took them to Hartsholme Park and you can find more photos here 🙂
28th – The girls sowed some seeds in the pots they bought me for my birthday. We forgot to label them so now we have no idea what they are but we’re very happy to see some growth!
29th – Last year my father-in-law bought me an orchid for my birthday. It flowers for months at a time and when it had finished flowering I cut it back as per instructions on you tube. It grew a new stalk earlier this year with new flower buds; Ant, trying to be helpful, tried to clip it onto the wooden support and ended up snapping it off.
I was really upset because I thought that was it for this year but instead of not flowering, it started growing 3 new stalks and now has open flowers and loads of buds waiting to open 🙂
30th – I have a bit of an obsession with the toastie machine at the moment! It’s been in the cupboard for years, forgotten about until Kaycee saw it and asked for a magic sandwich. Since then it’s been used everyday! My favourite filling at the moment is cheese, ham and salsa. It’s delicious!


Staying safe on the school run.

Kaycee and Ella both love walking to school. They used to go in the car every morning with Ant who would drop them off on his way to work until I got fitter and was able to walk with them.

We live on cul-de-sac but the road at the front of the house is very busy and this is the one we have to cross on the way to school every morning. I always worry about the girls being involved in or causing a road traffic accident by walking out in to the road and not looking both ways.
Because of this we’ve been teaching them from a young age how to safely cross the road.

The words, STOP, LOOK & LISTEN were drummed in to me when I was younger and I use them now when reminding the girls not to step out on to the road without checking for traffic.
We learnt about the Green Cross Code at school and there were always adverts on the tv showing the Green Cross Code Man or little hedgehogs singing and looking for a safe place to cross!

When we’re walking to school we discuss standing a safe distance from the edge of the pavement and always looking both ways before crossing. The girls also know how important it is not to cross near parked cars and whenever possible we use a pedestrian crossing.

I’m very confident in Kaycee’s ability to safely cross the road. Ella on the other hand, worries me greatly because she doesn’t have a very big concentration span and I’m constantly having to remind her to stop, look and listen!

Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation to write this post however all opinions expressed are my own.


Taking the boys to Hartsholme Park

We had our grand children again for the day on Tuesday and it was really lovely to spend so much time with them.
We don’t get to see them very often because they live in Scotland with their mum so when they come to Lincoln to see Jason we always like to see as much of them as we can 🙂

They played on the Wii and on Bin Weavils in the morning then after lunch, Ant took some time off work and we took them to Harstholme Country Park
It was a lovely afternoon until Jamie decided he didn’t want to wait for us to take him to the toilet, he ran off ahead and went himself.
We were in the middle of the wood and quite far away from the toilets and we spent ages looking for him. I got really worried and had to stay in the last place we’d seen him in case he came back while Ant went to the cafe to see if he had gone to the toilet.

He came back to where I was so I phoned Ant to tell him we’d him so he could make his way back to us.
The thing was, I’d said to Jamie, only a few minutes before that he wasn’t allowed to go anywhere where we couldn’t see him so as punishment for ignoring this, we didn’t get ice creams on the way back to the car as planned.
He was very sorry and said he’d learnt his lesson.

After we’d got over being scared half to death, we continued to enjoy the lovely summer sun before coming home for dinner then taking the boys back to Jason 🙂


















How does your garden grow? August 29th

In late spring I was cleaning the garden and I emptied a pot that I thought had contained some kind of annual.
I happened to notice that there was a bulb in the soil and then I noticed some new growth on it so I planted it in another pot with some poppy seeds I’d sown so that it at least had a chance to grow.
I had no idea what it was until last week when this gorgeous flower opened! I don’t even remember buying any dahlias but I suppose I must have done. I love this flower and I now want a flower bed full of dahlias so that’s my plan for next year 🙂


The Gallery – Pets

Pets - nanny's little dog, Chi Chi

We haven’t got any pets and we’re not likely to be getting one anytime soon, but we do enjoy looking after Nanny’s little Chi-Chi every now and again. She’s a little rascal who loves digging in the soil with her face!

On Sunday she decided she was going to dig a hole in Nanny’s new turf that Ant and I laid a short while ago. She got a telling off for that one!

She might be a little monkey, but she’s lovely with it and the girls adore her 🙂

When she was a puppy it made me go all broody; not for another baby, for a puppy or a kitten! I used to have two pet cats called Marley and Milly and they were adorable.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Vanish stain remover – Review

I used to manage a laundry and one of my specialities was stain removal. It was made very easy there though because they had a range of chemical stain removers for just about every stain you can think of.

At home though I don’t have access to those stain removers and many an item of clothing has had to be thrown away due to the sticky, food covered fingers of children who use their dresses/trousers/t-shirts etc as napkins!
I was sent some Vanish Oxi Action spray and powder to try and I’m really pleased with the results 🙂
Kaycee cooked dinner for us the other night. She made a delicious chicken pizza with the chicken breasts being the base instead of bread and she topped them with her home made pizza sauce, mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese.
Of course she managed to get the tomato based sauce all over her brand new dress that her sister bought her for her birthday at the beginning of the month.
Now she loves this dress and the thought it being ruined was very distressing for her so you can imagine how happy she was when Mum saved the day by spraying it with Vanish, leaving it to work for a few minutes then chucking it in the washer with a scoop of the Vanish powder added to the powder drawer.
While I was at it, I decided to try it on Ella’s Piglet cushion that she’d left in the garden for a few nights.
It was filthy and had been rained on more than once!
I sprayed it all over and left it to work before adding it to the washer with the dress.
Both items came out looking wonderful and I now have two very happy girls 🙂
If you need help with stain removal, check out the stain solutions on the Vanish website. I’ll be checking how to get rid of coffee stains and red wine stains because although I’d like to believe it was just the children who ruined clothes with stains, I’m very clumsy and you can bet your bottom dollar that if I have a white top on I’m going to spill something bad like coffee or red wine on it!
Disclosure: I was sent the Vanish to review but this didn’t guarantee a favourable review. All opinions of the product are honest and accurate.

Gardening Express – Review

I think this has got to be one of my favourite review posts ever!

I was asked by Gardening Express if I’d like to order some plants and write about them on my blog and they asked at a time when I’d been doing research on how to create displays in pots for winter colour.

I went to the website and chose 6 trailing ivy plants, 3 cyclamen and 3 winter flowering heather.
I calmly waited for the plants to arrive and didn’t get at all excited *cough* when they did a couple of days later!


They were packaged in a way that kept them from moving about and getting damaged and the soil around each plant was moist.

I have to say I was extremely impressed with the health of all the plants. They looked stunning and I couldn’t wait to get them into the stone pots I’m going to be keeping them in over winter.

First I had to re-home a miniature rose my husband bought me a few years ago for Valentine’s Day and remove an old coriander plant that we never used because I don’t like coriander! I still felt a bit sad about it though because it was one of the first plants I ever successfully grew from seed and the ease with which it grew really helped increase my confidence as a new gardener 🙂

Anyway, back to the new plants!

I put three ivy plants, two heathers and one cyclamen in one of the pots

then three ivy, two cyclamen and the last heather in the other pot (one of the cyclamen in this pot is white and is behind the ivy so you can’t see it very well from this angle).

I put them next to the arch that is finally getting covered in jasmine after 2 years of it not growing. As a new gardener with little experience of jasmine I came to the conclusion that it must have needed a while to get itself settled before starting to climb away!

I love my new pots and I’m very pleased to finally have some heather in my garden because my grand mother was called Heather and Ella has it as one of her middle names 🙂

I’ve got lots more ideas for displays in pots and now I have a ‘go to’ place to get my plants online 🙂

Disclosure: I was sent the plants to review but receiving them didn’t guarantee a favourable review. This is my honest and accurate opinion of the products received.

Taking the boys for ice cream :)

Ant and I got to spend a really lovely afternoon with our grandchildren yesterday. We don’t get to see the boys very often because they live in Scotland with their mum so when they come to Lincoln to visit their dad, we always try and take them out somewhere.

They’re adorable boys who make us laugh a lot!

We couldn’t decide whether to take them to Whisby Nature Park or Daisy Made Ice Cream so in the end we went to both 🙂
We started out at Whisby. The girls love going there as they’ve got a big sand pit, water play, some brilliant wooden carvings to play on and a wildlife adventure area with tunnels and bridges and netting to climb up.
Inside there’s an education centre with buttons to press and wheels to turn.

Jamie with his dad and grandpa.



Huge sandpit!


Damien loved all the adventure area 🙂
The education centre helps children learn all about recycling and caring for the environment.


We love all the wooden carvings!

Another of our favourite places to go is Daisy Made Ice Cream. They have a small sand pit, ride on toys, rabbits and goats as well as crazy golf. Yesterday they also had a bouncy castle and racing cars.
The ice cream is delicious and well worth how ever many syns it was!
I had cinder toffee, Ant and Jason had pistachio flavour, the boys had raspberry ripple and Gemma, Jason’s lovely girlfriend, had lemon cheesecake.

I always have caramel or toffee flavour when I go and I’ve decided that next time I’m going to be more adventurous and try the melon flavour or maybe the passion fruit!

More sand!


The boys played on this for ages!


Jamie and Grandpa


Damien and Grandpa


Delicious cinder toffee ice cream 🙂

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