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1st Hair Cut – At nearly 6 years old!

Ella had her first hair cut a couple of weekends ago. Nothing strange there you may think until you hear that she’ll be 6 in just under 2 months!


When she was little she had lovely tight curls, just like Kaycee did when she was a toddler. As they both grew and their hair got longer, the curls dropped out and their hair got thicker.
I did hope they’d have lovely long curly hair but it wasn’t to be.

Kaycee always hated having her hair done and last year decided she didn’t want it long anymore. I was sad because I loved her long hair but I knew it was time to let her make this decision as she’s getting more and more independent.
I was surprised to find that I actually loved her hair short, it really suited her.

Ella never wanted her hair cut and I was fine with that!

Recently though, she’s been complaining that her hair tickles her back and really annoys her. She didn’t want it cutting too short but she did want it shorter so I agreed and sent her off, with Kaycee, to their aunts to have their hair cut.

Kaycee decided to have a fringe which she’d never had before and is now having to try and train her new fringe to stay down rather than fall back naturally to the sides!


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