School Uniform = Aaaargh!!

I started this post saying how I’m usually super organised when it comes to school uniforms but I just went back on the blog and found that I’d started the very same way on a post about school uniforms this time last year!
So my memory must be playing tricks and I must have only been super organised once; leaving it till the last minute now seems to be the norm.

Come to think of it, I do remember now, that I promised myself I wouldn’t leave it till August to get the uniforms; I hate having to find alternatives when everything I’ve picked is going out of stock as I shop!
I’ve got Tesco delivering the majority of clothes in the next couple of days and I’ve given Ant a list of everything we need from Asda before next Wednesday so hopefully they’ll have everything we need and we won’t have to go searching other shops.
The girls and Aiden come home from Aiden’s dad’s on Sunday so I have to get them to try everything on then we’ve got Monday and Tuesday to exchange them if anything doesn’t fit.

Ant has to get shoes, tights, socks, jogging bottoms and a lunch bag from Asda and Granddad is trying to get Kaycee’s school backpack from the uniform shop in town but they’re still not in stock. If they don’t come in before next Wednesday we’ll have to get her a plain one from Asda.

Once we’ve got everything and it all fits, I then have to sew all the name tags in 🙁
I did say last year that once I’d used all the sew in tags, I’d be buying iron in ones next.
Well. I still haven’t used all the flipping sew in ones up so it’ll be more sore, needle stabbed fingers for me this year! What fun!

On top of all that, I’ve got less than a week left of glorious lie ins and lazy mornings!
I’m really not looking forward to seeing 6.30am again anytime soon.


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