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Stop the killing #tippingpoint #syria #stopthekilling

I was browsing Facebook this morning. The girl’s were watching TV, waiting for school time and getting excited about the jubilee celebrations that were happening in their school today when I came across a post by Kate from Kate takes 5. It’s about the massacre of 108 people in Syria last week.
The massacre that I’d heard briefly mentioned on the news before I turned over. I didn’t want to think about things like that in too much detail because I knew it would upset me.

Kate’s post made me think. It made me feel ashamed that I could so easily brush over something so horrific by just turning the channel and not giving it a second thought.

So today, I made myself go and read about it….no, not ‘it’, them. I read a story about an 11 year old boy who covered himself in his brother’s blood and pretended to be dead while they killed the rest of his family.
His youngest brother was 6; they shot him in the head and back, in his own home.

KayCee’s 6.

I’m not going to turn the channel again because it’s easier. I’m joining forces with the parent blogging community today, Friday June 1st, to help bring about the changes desperately needed to stop this from happening again.

You can help

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Sign the Avaaz petition

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