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114 / 365 – Ella’s learning to write

KayCee’s loved writing ever since she learnt how and now it seems Ella’s going the same way 🙂
I found this on my laptop when I came down after the bedtime routine tonight:

The top row says KaycElla. We think she started writing KayCee but when she got to the E, she got distracted and wrote Ella! She’s very easily distracted, more so than any child I’ve ever known.

I wondered who bobby was when I first saw it then I realised that she’d put the ‘d’ and the ‘a’ the wrong way round and it should say daddy 🙂 And the last line is Mummy 🙂

I hope Aiden doesn’t get upset that she’s not written his name!

It was so lovely to see that she’d been writing because she wanted to, like KayCee does and I look forward to seeing more of her work.
I love the way they spell things when they’re still learning and I find it hard to correct KayCee’s spelling because the way she spells them is just so cute!

2 thoughts on “114 / 365 – Ella’s learning to write

  1. aww what lovely writing, it is lovely when they start leavign you little notes

    1. Yeah it is 🙂 I'm going to treasure them because they'll be all grown and left home before I know it at the rate time is speeding on!

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