Day Zero Project – 365 day photo challenge – 9 / 365

I had such high hopes of getting both coats of paint done in the girl’s bedroom today but instead I spent the morning sleeping and the afternoon watching tv, taking ibuprofen and wishing this headache would go away.

It’s still lingering and we have to wait up for our Tesco delivery 🙁 It’s my own fault for not doing the order sooner so I could get an earlier slot but it’s still annoying when all you want to do is go to bed.

I got the kids to help clear the rest of the rest of the bedroom tonight before bed so hopefully I’ll be able to get lots done tomorrow.
As well as painting the walls, I have to empty Ant’s set of drawers that he keeps all his ‘bits and bobs’ in then paint the front of the drawers. They’re an orangy brown at the moment and the unit is white. I’m leaving the unit white but painting the drawer fronts the same pink as the walls.

I have a feeling the beds and wardrobe will be delivered while the house is turned upside down and I’ll have no room for them!


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