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23rd January 2012

Day Zero Project – 365 day photo challenge – 23 / 365

I promised KayCee and Ella we’d make some of KayCee’s bead pals that she got for Christmas. Unfortunately, all the decorating, being ill then having to get the house back in order after the upheaval of decorating left me little time.

Tonight when I fetched the box, Ella saw it and started jumping up and down while asking, ‘is all the cleaning done…are you all better….can we make some now?!’.
It’s lovely to see her so excited 🙂

KayCee really enjoyed making her ladybird keyring and she picked it up very easily. I thought it might be too difficult for them when I started reading the instructions but my intelligent daughter made the observation that once you’d done a couple of rows of beads, it gets much easier! She can now follow the pattern by herself 🙂

After dinner we started the bedtime routine and decided that for a change we’d play Moshi Monsters Top Trumps instead of having a story.
Out of all the expensive presents they had for Christmas, their favourite at the moment is Top Trumps!
KayCee had Smurfs Top Trumps and Aiden had Bin Weavils Top Trumps.
The girls are always wanting to play! I have to play with Ella because she can’t read properly yet. They never seem to get bored and were very disappointed that after a game of Moshi and Smurf Top Trumps, it was bedtime.

It’s been a really lovely evening. Everyone was in a good mood because Daddy comes home tomorrow; we’ve all missed him so much and really can’t wait to see him 😀

Fruity Friday

Challenge 46 of my Day Zero Project is to cook my way through a cookbook. It was a hard choice because I have quite a few cookery books, but given that I’m supposed to be losing weight (not doing very well at the moment….more about that in another post) I thought the best choice would be a book based on fruit. As you can see, the one I picked is a Readers Digest book and it’s called, Fresh Fruit & Desserts.
I was very, very tempted to cook my way through, Desserts to Die For but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. As the name suggests, all those calories would probably kill me off!

Anyway, back to the healthy recipes. We all eat quite a lot of fruit and vegetables in this house but we tend to stick to the same ones so I thought this book would vary our diet and make things a little more interesting.

I’m going to post a recipe, photos of the finished dish and the reactions from the family every Friday.
I’ve just been browsing the recipes and there are some that look absolutely delicious and some that I’m a bit nervous about getting the kids to try because I know they’re not very adventurous with new food!
It’s something they need to get used to though so this challenge should help with that. I’m sure if I get them involved in the preparing and cooking of each recipe, they’ll be more inclined to try the finished dish.

The first category in the book is breakfast recipes. Come back on the 27th Jan to find out what the taste testers have to say about a very easy first recipe… strawberry and yogurt smoothie 🙂

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