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January 2012

365 day photo challenge – 31 / 365

Wow I made a full month 🙂 I can’t believe I didn’t forget to take a photo every day. I totally expected to fail within the first couple of weeks!
I’ve really enjoyed it and look forward to the next 11 months.

For today, it’s another picture of my girls 🙂

Entryway Makeover

I keep seeing lovely entryways on Pinterest or when browsing Better Homes & Gardens. For a while now I’ve wanted somewhere more organised for the girls to store their coats/shoes/bags/helmets/hats/scarves etc

We had a set of drawers and a bookcase in the hall before I decorated the bedrooms and the girls had a small space at the side of the bookcase to hang their coats. It wasn’t big enough for school bags as well, in fact it was barely big enough for their school and play coats!

I put the set of drawers into the girls room when I decorated it and moved the bookcase to the space left by the drawers. This gave me a full wall to make a place for the girls to store all their outer wear.

I’d have loved to create something like this


Image Credit – Better Homes & Gardens

but this would cost significantly more (especially seeing as we’d have to start by buying a bigger house!) than I wanted to spend so I set my sights lower!

This is the hall before the makeover:

and here’s how it looks now:

I started by painting the original coat rack white then went to B&M and bought a couple of new coat racks for £2.99 each and a set of 3 baskets for £9.99.
I already had the shelf in the shed. It used to be in the girls room before we decorated and it was from the B&Q value range, a bargain at only £3.98.

When they come home from school, they put their school coats on the middle coat rack so that in the morning, the radiator warms them up!

The nice, neat shoe box belongs to KayCee and the messy one belongs to Ella. I was going to straighten Ella’s shoes in her basket to make it look good for the photo but I figure it shows their different personalities and needed to stay 🙂

The pictures of the girls would have had to be moved slightly higher to fit the basket on the shelf so I decided to move them to another wall and I plan on getting the kids to make a nice big piece of art to fill the space.
For the time being, we’ve got the photos they had taken with various characters from our Butlins holiday last year (hiding the holes until I get round to filling them and repainting the wall!) and I just used Blue Tac to put them up seeing as I still haven’t gotten around to framing them yet.

So (including the shelf) the total cost of the makeover was £19.95 and I’m really very pleased with it 🙂

Giggles at bedtime :)

A calm, peaceful atmosphere was nowhere to be found at bedtime tonight!
We played Top Trumps again and our little scamp Ella decided to make it more fun by lying in the middle of us and trying to grab at the cards as we passed them to each other.
We all laughed so much our stomachs hurt and we couldn’t finish the game because we couldn’t speak!

I was getting a bit stressed earlier when Ella kept touching and doing things she shouldn’t and it was truly wonderful to spend such a happy, fun half hour before bed tonight; it totally cheered me right back up 🙂

365 day photo challenge – 30 / 365

I found this note that KayCee had written to me just before Christmas last year. I took a photo of it because it’s probably going to get lost at some stage and I want to remember the invitation and the show they put on that night. We recorded it and will look back at it with happiness when they’re all grown 🙂

It says:
To mum you are alowed to come to are chrismas play
Love from Ella and Kaycee

It makes me smile 🙂

365 day photo challenge – 29 / 365

I’ve been playing with the settings on my new phone again. This one is obviously the night time setting and I was curious as to just how good it was going to be. I’m quite impressed for saying it’s only 3mp and the settings are automatic, not that I’d know what the settings would need to be if I had a camera where I could change the settings manually!
One day I’ll learn 🙂

Listography – Top 5 websites

Kate’s chosen the top 5 websites that show up on your Google homepage for this weeks listography.
Mine are:

1) Pinterest
I must admit to being a little addicted to Pinterest at the moment!

2) Google
I’m always needing to find something out; I’ve lost track of the amount of times I open Google in a day!

3) Shell Louise
Yep, it’s my blog 🙂

4) Shell Louise – Edit posts

5) Facebook
I have this open all the time because it’s the main way my family communicate with me. I used to spend nearly all my time on there, playing games and stuff but then I started blogging!

That’s my 5….what’s yours? To join in, head on over to Kate Takes 5 and add your linky 🙂


Day Zero Project – Read 100 books – #5

I’m not going to say much about this book. I got it free as I was one of the first 50 or whatever to reply to the email and even though I did finish reading it, (I had to because I’m weird and if I start reading a book I have to finish it!) I don’t want to talk about it!
If you want to find out what it’s about, Google or Amazon can help you out 😉

For me, it’s another book to add to my, Read 100 books challenge and now I only have 95 to go.

My next book reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin on my new Kindle and I have to say, I’m a lot happier with my reading material now!
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