Weekly Weigh In – 16th Dec

I totally forgot to post my results last Friday.
I lost the 1lb that I’d put on the previous week but I’ve gained 2lb this week. I was expecting it because I’ve noticed my portion sizes creeping up and I’ve not been very strict about my chocolate intake.

The plan of action is to track all food eaten for the next week to get me back on track. I know that by doing this I’ll be focused again and ready to get the weight moving in the right direction.
I also want to have a really good week because I plan on taking Christmas Day off. I don’t plan on gorging but I want to have a guilt free day and I can only do that if I have a good loss next Friday.

I’m disappointed obviously but I’m not letting it get me down. I’m still totally committed to losing this weight and I have to get it into my head that gains will occasionally happen. I just have to deal with them and move on 🙂

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