Flashback Friday – My lovely brother, James

I’m going to do the next three Flashback Fridays about my lovely siblings, John, James and Stacy.

This is one of my younger brothers, James and as you can tell from this photo, he’s always been cheeky daft, as they say in Derbyshire!
I was 7 when James was born and to be honest, I can’t remember much from that time but I remember him being a toddler and he was a cutie!

For years, the only footwear he would wear was wellingtons. He started off with a green frog pair that my Auntie Joy sent for him. He’d often have them on the wrong feet but when you tried to make him change them he’d complain that if they were on the right feet, he wouldn’t be able to run as fast!
He got on well my other brother, John because there were only about 2 and a half years between them, John being the eldest of the two.
I remember they used to play with Action Man toys a lot and they had a plastic tank that Action Man would stand in and be pushed along.
The boys used to sit on the tank at the top of the drive and roll down to the bottom. It was very well made because it never broke and they did that for years!

James is nearly 30 now; he’s married to the lovely Kirsty, dad to the gorgeous Jake and beautiful Megan and it has to be said, he’s grown into a man any sister could be proud of. He works hard for his family (well he’ll get back to working hard for his family when he’s recovered from his recent shoulder operation) and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

I love my little brother and his family and can’t wait to see them all on Boxing day 🙂

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