Flashback Friday – My little and lovely sis, Stacy

My little sister is 10 years younger than me. I remember mum being pregnant with her when I was at junior school and one of our topics was about how babies were born.
Mum came in to talk to my class and I loved it because it made me the centre of attention for a while.
Every day when I got to school they’d all ask if mum had had the baby yet and it made me feel special. I wasn’t very popular normally so having all that attention from kids who wouldn’t usually talk to me was wonderful!

When Stacy was born, mum brought her into school and all my class mates had a hold of her. Again, I was the centre of attention and I think it started off the bond between us. I helped mum change her nappies and feed her and sometimes I’d pretend she was my baby.

As she got older though, she got more annoying!! A fifteen year old doesn’t want her 5 year old sister tagging along when she wants to be out with her mates but mum and dad would sometimes make me take her with us.

Photo belongs to Lucy

This photo is proof! Bottom left, my friend Lucy then me waving, my friend Claire next to me and Stacy in the background.

One good thing about having a little sister was seeing her getting so excited when Christmas came around. It was great being in on the Santa secret with mum and I tried to keep her believing for as long as I could.
We’d all share a room on Christmas Eve and Stacy would giggle with excitement 🙂

We got on well for the most part but having to share a bedroom with a child, when I considered myself grown up was sometimes a nightmare difficult. I’d been allowed to decorate our room myself and after all my hard work, I wanted to keep it spotless all the time. Having a little sister touching and moving everything was very annoying and I’d always be complaining to mum about it.
It did sometimes have it’s advantages though and I have to apologise in advance to Stacy for the next part of the story! I still feel guilty about this and can’t believe I’m actually owning up to it but one night, when Stacy was about 5, there was a spider on the ceiling above my bed. I tried ignoring it but I couldn’t. I kept having to open my eyes to see if it was still there. All I could think was that it was going to be crawling over me in the night.
I got out of bed, picked up Stacy and put her in my bed. I got in hers and watched as the spider started to lower itself from the ceiling. I was so scared I couldn’t move at first.
Then I started to feel really bad about doing that to Stacy and I couldn’t cope with thinking of the spider crawling on her either but there was no way I was getting back into that bed so I got a towel out of the airing cupboard and tried hitting it away. It fell onto the the bed (the one with Stacy in it) and I let out a little scream (didn’t want mum or dad to know I was still awake when I should have been asleep) and dived under my covers.
I have no idea whether the spider crawled on her because I wasn’t brave enough to come out from under the covers and have a look where it was. I eventually fell asleep!

Sorry again Stacy…..I love you really!

When I moved out and started working crazy hours as a supervisor at a factory, Stacy would come and help keep my flat clean. During the busy half of the year, I’d be out of the house at 7.30am, seven days a week and wouldn’t get back home until 9.30pm Monday to Thursday and 5.30pm Friday to Sunday.
I’d be shattered when I got home and the housework suffered. I don’t know what I’d have done without our Stace.

She also helped me, along with my mum, during the hardest time of my life…..the first year of being a new, single mum. She’d take Aiden for walks and have him overnight when I felt like I couldn’t cope anymore. I really came to rely on her help and will be forever grateful to her.

She’s a mum herself now to four wonderful, gorgeous children and fiancee to Scott. She’s also step mum to Scott’s eldest daughter, Courtney (I haven’t put a photo of Courtney on as I don’t know her mum and don’t have permission).

Left: Stacy & our cousin Rachel. Middle: Stacy & Scott. Right: Stacy & her kids.

I adore my nephews and niece and wish I could see them more often.
We have them to stay for a week in the summer holidays and we all look forward to them coming to stay.





It’s Lilymay’s birthday today…..Happy Birthday beautiful. Hope you have the best day 😀 xxx

They all went through a tough time when the youngest, Nathan was born. He had a cleft lip and palate. It wasn’t picked up at any scans so it was a surprise for everyone. I was so proud of Stacy. She didn’t go to pieces (like I’m sure I would have done). She and Scott just got on with everything that needed doing and were so strong when Nathan had to go for his operation.

As well as looking after her four lovely children, she’s also our mum’s carer. Mum had to have another operation on her leg and has been in plaster for twelve weeks. She’s had to be there first thing in the morning before taking the kids to school, so she can do anything mum needs then she looks after her throughout the day.

Before I go, I want to share this last photo. It’s my favourite picture of Stacy; she was a bridesmaid for our aunt and she looks so pretty but very cheeky!

I love you loads sis and miss you all. See you very soon 😉 xxx

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