Wednesday Lunchbox – Pinwheel Sandwiches

The kids are getting fed up with the contents of their lunchboxes so I’ve been working on making them more interesting and tastier.
It has to be something that doesn’t take too long to eat because both girls complain about being the last in the hall and losing out on playtime.

Their lunch usually consists of

  • a sandwich, (ham or peanut butter and jam for KayCee, Ham or pate and cheese for Ella)
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • occasionally some cheese flavour tortillas or corn onion rings/cheese puffs
  • and either a yogurt or some kind of biscuit

Today they’re having:

    • Ham, cheese & carrot pinwheel sandwiches
    • Cucumber sticks
    • Cheese & chive dip
    • Ella’s having a couple of sausages and KayCee’s having a few cheese doritos.
    • Grapes
  • Blackcurrant juice


For the pinwheel sandwiches:

Tortilla wraps

Your favourite filling….we’re using:

Sliced ham
Grated cheese
Grated carrot
Mayo (KayCee doesn’t like mayo so we use sour cream and chive dip instead)

Spread the tortilla with the mayo/dip then layer the ham, grated cheese and grated carrot.
Roll the tortilla then tightly wrap it in cling film.
Refrigerate for at least an hour, or overnight then slice.

Other fillings that are popular in this house are:

Cream cheese, ham/chicken/turkey and cucumber
Peanut butter, jam and banana
Pate and cheese slices

What fillings do your children like? I’d love to get more ideas to keep lunches interesting 🙂

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  1. Ant 12th October 2011 at 1:14 pm

    My kids like:
    Sliced ham
    Grated cheese
    Grated carrot
    Cream cheese, ham/chicken/turkey and cucumber
    Peanut butter, jam and banana
    Pate and cheese slices

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