can I not get myself motivated to get stuff done?

I’m sat here with the list of things that need doing, going round and round in my head, making me feel guilty for not doing them yet still, I sit.

The bathroom needs cleaning, the girl’s room needs tidying, our bedroom needs clothes folding and putting away as well as a general tidy and the carpet needs hoovering. The hall, stairs and landing need hoovering, the living room needs tidying, the dishwasher needs filling and the cooker needs cleaning, the wood outside needs painting, the kitchen table and chairs need sanding and re-painting, the bookshelf in the hall should have been sanded and painted to match the drawers when I did the drawers earlier this year, Ella’s patchwork quilt needs finishing and I need to shower.

For once, the cleanest room in the house is Aiden’s room! He’s trying really hard to keep it clean and we’re very proud of him for making such an effort 🙂

The reason it’s got so bad is because I’ve not kept on top of it.
I like to tidy everywhere in a morning as soon as Ant’s taken the girls to school. I know that if I do it every morning, it’ll take me half an hour to an hour and the rest of the day is my own until the kids come home.
When I don’t do it every morning, it builds up and now it’s going to take me the best part of a day to get everything done and knowing this, makes it  harder to get started in the first place.

The thing that annoys me most is the fact that I know how lovely it is to sit here in a clean and tidy house yet this week I’ve let it get the better of me.
I did suffer with a with a couple of headaches at the start of the week which is when it started to slide but I was fine yesterday and I still didn’t get anything done.
I’ve got the kids home this weekend and I don’t want to spend it tidying up so I’m now going to shower then I’m going back outside to finish painting the wood. That will ensure it’s ready for Ant the next chance he gets to work in the garden and tomorrow I’m not even going to switch the laptop on until all the house is clean, tidy and smelling lovely!

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