100 days to Christmas

Today’s tip from 101 Days to Christmas is to set up a family calendar.

There are some free calendars to print out on the site but I’d rather have my calendar online.
I set up a Christmas calendar on Windows Live Calendar and it can be shared with anyone you choose 🙂

I’m going to add the school dates and planned events I know about already, for instance, we always go to my Mum’s for Boxing Day tea.
Since moving to Lincoln, I miss seeing my family on Christmas Day so we visit every Boxing Day.
Aiden alternates between home and his Dad’s for Christmas. If he’s at home, we take him to his Dad’s on Boxing Day so he can spend the rest of the holidays with him and if he’s at his Dad’s for Christmas, he comes home on Boxing Day.
This year he’s at home 🙂 so we’ll go to tea at my Mum’s with all the family and leave Aiden there when we come home.
The girls may or may not decide to stay. We’ll sort that out at the time!

So my first task to get organised is done and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s email to see what we have to do!

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