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Fairy Garden

I had a nice lie-in this morning; the girls didn’t wake me until 8.30am and even then they jumped in bed with me for cuddles and kisses so I didn’t have to get up straight away.
KayCee saw my Sony e-reader on the bedside table and wanted to know what it was. She loves reading and I think she was as impressed with it as I am 🙂

We were all eager to get started on the fairy garden *well I say all but Aiden really didn’t want to have anything to do with fairies so he was quite happy playing some kind of boy game on the pc!* but none of us could be bothered to move, not even to eat breakfast! We sat watching baby looney toons for a while before they finally started the morning routine.

Eventually, everyone was ready to face the day and we started gathering up all our bits and pieces.

Our first job was to make a plan for the garden. The girls came up with ideas of the items they wanted to make and where each item would go.
We started making the fairy house first. KayCee made a door and Ella made 2 windows


They stuck them on the old wooden planter we were using for the house.

Ella painted the top of an old cork, red to make a toadstool

While KayCee decorated the top of the fairy house with shiny glass shapes

We twisted some wire to make an arch and attached some tiny flowers from my cake decorating supplies.

Daddy came home from work so we all stopped for lunch.
A sandwich and some cucumber later, we were back to work. Well, I say we, I actually mean me! The girl’s attention waned a little and they drifted off to watch something on tv so I made a fairy swing and collected some pebbles from the garden for the table and chairs.
KayCee came back to help when she saw the glue gun (we’ve never used it before and I think she was quite impressed!) then we gathered everything together and went outside to fill the planter.


We put a little bowl in for a pond and started marking out where everything was going to go. We planted a basil plant for a tree and the girls made paths with more shiny glass shapes. Ella kept re-doing hers because she wasn’t happy with it!


KayCee had a sand art kit for Christmas and the sand in the bottles had got all mixed up (Ella couldn’t resist giving them a shake every now and then!) so we decided to make a fairy beach with the pretty, coloured sand. For the grass, we chopped up some chives from the garden and sprinkled it to make a lawn.

Ella made a little flower garden while KayCee put pebbles under the tree.



All that was left to do was to add the final touches…the arch, swing, a little gnome, fairy, some flowers and ladybirds and it was done 🙂









It was a really lovely activity that took most of the day to finish and we all had a wonderful time 🙂


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  1. Thanks Kathy 🙂 xx

  2. Great cooperation on your garden that you and the girls designed.

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