Poorly girl

My little KayCee was sent home early from school today, feeling poorly. She was complaining of a headache and felt a little sick.
We gave her calpol when she got home and within half an hour, she’d perked right up.

We spent the afternoon making some frames for a photo project we’re doing for the nursery nurses at Ella’s nursery.
It’s a private day nursery. KayCee went there from when she was a year old till she started school and Ella started before her first birthday if I remember right (it’s quite possible that I’m not remembering correctly because I have the worlds worst memory!). It’s Ella’s last day on Friday and we wanted to make them something special. We wanted show how much the girls loved their time there and how much Ant and I appreciate the excellent care they’ve taken of our girls over the years.
I’ll post pictures of the completed project.

KayCee started burning up again around 5pm and ate only a tiny amount of dinner.
She usually loves reading the bedtime story to Ella and I but tonight she just lay on her bed and let me read it.
Just like all parents, I hate seeing my little girl poorly and I hope a good nights sleep will work some magic and make her all better in the morning.

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