Oh dear! 5lb Gain – Weekly Weigh In

5lb Gain

I wasn’t very good at the weekend. Also, we indulged in the Tesco Valentine’s meal deal last night (which was delicious!) which wasn’t SW friendly! However, I was still a bit shocked at the 5lb Gain I got when I weighed at Slimming World this morning.

I’ve vowed to lose 6lb next week so I’ve really got to knuckle down this week and keep in control.

I did try to have today as a holiday so I wouldn’t have to face the scales it but my fellow social team members wouldn’t let me get away with it! I faced my gain and have got my head in place to get rid of it again, thanks to them 🙂

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February 8th – Weekly Weigh In – Lost 1.5lb

February 8th – 1.5lb loss

February 8th – I pledged to lose 3lb this week. I was still happy with 1.5lb loss, especially after the couple of weeks I stuck to plan and stayed the same.

I’m happy with any loss as long as I get a loss every week!

I’ve stuck to plan all day which is a big achievement for me. I got into the habit of having a cheat day on a Wednesday but it didn’t help my losses.
I found that if I don’t have a totally on plan day on a Wednesday, I went to have a rubbish week.

If I have a good Wednesday, I have a good week so I pledged to have a good day today and to lose 3lb next week.

I’ve got my cappuccino and Kit Kat to have for supper and that’ll be my syns used up.

fed up February 8th


Surprise 1lb loss – Weekly Weigh In

Surprise 1lb loss

I didn’t have a very good week so I was happy with my surprise 1lb loss.

I’ve pledged to lose 3lb next week. I want to get my awards back and I need to lose half a stone to get my 7 stone award.

We had a taster at our group today to celebrate the couple of the year. Someone made a really lovely banana cheesecake and I forgot to pick up the recipe. I’ll have to ask the lady for it next week. It didn’t have a biscuit base so wasn’t like having proper cheesecake but it will be lovely just to have in the fridge for a low syn sweet treat.

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Fed up – Weekly weigh in and another gain

Fed up

I’ve stuck to my menu all week again and still gained 1.5lbs. I’m fed up.

I haven’t come home and stuffed my face, though, which is an achievement because all I wanted to do when I left Slimming World was buy chocolate.
I went to Poundstretcher with the intention of buying something to eat but decided not to.
Instead, I came home, checked what was on the menu for lunch and stuck to it.

I’m doing SP this week. I’ll just have to stick to it again and see how it goes. I’m going to try SP with having my full syns (I’m allowed 25 because of my weight). If that doesn’t work, I’m going to try Extra Easy next week but cut my syns to 15 and see how that goes. The only other thing I can try if that doesn’t work is to do SP with 15 syns.

If none of that works, I have no idea what to try. All those things would have seen me have great losses in my first year.


fed up

Not messing anymore – Weekly weigh in

I’ve had another gain. 1.5lb last week and 2lb this week is not good. I’m not messing anymore. I’m back on Slimming World properly and I am going to lose 2 stone by Christmas.

It’s ridiculous. I should have been at target over a year ago and instead, I still have half my body weight to lose, which means another 12 stone has to go.

I’ve done a 4-week rolling menu using the 7-day menus on the Slimming World website, including my snacks, healthy extras and syns.
I’ve been totally on track today and I’m looking forward to my chocolate syns while I’m watching Bake Off!

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Another gain – Weekly weigh in

Another gain

I’ve had another gain due to all the baking we’ve done this week! We’ve had lots of different apple creations. We’ve been trying to use up all the apples from the tree. Apple and cinnamon cake, apple crumble and apple sauce are a few of the things we’ve made.

We’ve also been joining in with the blogger’s bake off linky run by Jenny at Mummy Mishaps so I’ve had Viennese whirls to contend with this week as well.
It’s not been easy for me, as you can tell from the gain!

I’m not expecting good things from this week either because I’m away for the weekend. I’m going to spend it at my best friend’s house and she’s said she’s getting the prosecco in :oD

If I maintain next week, I’ll be happy!

another gain


Maintained – Weekly weigh in


I maintained my weight last week, for which I was very pleased! I didn’t have much self-control all week, only managing to pull it back on Monday and Tuesday.
I didn’t do very well at last week’s weigh in so I really want to do better next week.

I’m still at 7 and a half stone loss, it’s about time I got that 8 stone loss award back! I reckon 2 good weeks should do it.
I’ve had a good day today. I’ve planned my meals for the week so I’m heading in the right direction. I really want to get a good loss next week 🙂

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3.5lb loss – Weekly weigh in

3.5lb loss…..wahooo :oD

After my 3lb gain last week, I was delighted with my 3.5lb loss this week. I got my 7.5 stone award back, again!

I’ve had my 7.5 stone award too many times to count but it still feels great to get it back. I first got it on the 9th October 2013.

It then took me until the 26th February 2014 to get my next award of 8 stone and until the 9th July 2014 to get my 8.5 stone award.

Since then I’ve only had my 8 stone award back a couple of times. The last time was on the 25th March last year. I’ve not been below 23 stone 3lb since then. My next target is to lose 7lb over the next 3 weeks to get my 8 stone award back. I intend to keep hold of it this time!!

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Weekly weigh in – Lost 2lb

Weigh in

I’ve been in control all week and was very happy with my 2lb loss at weigh in today.

It was Kaycee’s birthday party in the week. I had a big piece of chocolate cake, a small piece of pizza, some doner kebab and onion rings. I adjusted my menu for the rest of the week so I didn’t overeat. It worked because I still managed to lose 🙂

Not counting the week I booked as a holiday (which certainly would have been a huge gain if I’d have been weighed!), I’ve had 4 losses in a row.
It’s my best streak for a very long time! I’ve had a good day again today which will set me up for another good result next week.

I’m happy losing 2lb a week from now on. I’m not going to stress about losing big amounts, I just want to keep losing every week.
I’ve set up an excel spreadsheet to help me work out how long it will take me to get out of the 20s and by losing 2lb a week, I can be out of them by the start of February next year. I really want this and I am going to work hard to get it 🙂

I’ve lost 7 stone 3.5lb and can’t wait to get my 7.5 stone award back!

It feels great to be back in control again. I’ve been feeling really down and depressed about my weight loss for a really long time and started feeling like I’d never get to target.
I’m now feeling confident again that I can do it.

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Weekly weigh in – Lost 1.5lbs

Lost again

I tried for a 3lb loss and I lost 1.5lb. I was a little disappointed at first but soon got over it. I realised I’ve had a loss 2 weeks in a row!

It’s my 40th birthday next Tuesday. I’ve booked a holiday for next Wednesday. I’m working to get out of the 24 stone category and if I have another gain next week, it will really get me down. I figured I’d take the week to give me time to work off the gain. We’re having a BBQ on Sunday and I’m planning on having a drink or 3 and we’re having pizza on Tuesday night and most probably birthday cake so that will not help having a Wednesday morning weigh in!

lost 1.5lb