18th February – Project As & When

18th February

18th February – I’ve taken a few more photos this week, mostly due to Valentine’s Day.

12th February – Ant got the cine film projector from the loft and we spent the evening watching his old home movies. I have some old home movies as well but we need a super 8 cine projector to be able to watch them. We’re going to see if we can get one from Ebay 🙂

Watching old home movies - 18th February Project As & When

14th February – Valentine’s Day and Ella (9) got a lovely gift from her boyfriend, John. It was so lovely to see them both grinning 🙂

February 14th Ella's Valentine's Day present

Ant and I decided not to buy cards and presents for each other as we want to save for a holiday on our anniversary but I saw a meal deal at Tesco and had a voucher for £8. I had pork and Ant had steak. We had dauphinoise potatoes, cauliflower cheese and Brussel sprouts. I had a salted caramel brownie dessert and Ant had cheese and crackers. It was delicious, even if it did help contribute to my 5lb gain I had this week!

Valentine's Day dinner

Valentine's Day dessert

18th February

Ant put the pond back together. We thought it had a leak so it was taken apart before Christmas and left for a few months to see if we could find out where the leak was.
It’s been full for weeks now though without losing any water so Ant put all the rocks in place. It looks lovely again 🙂

garden pond



February 11th – Project As & When

February 11th

February 11th Owl at HomeSense

February 11th – Owl at HomeSense

This is my version of Project 365. I don’t do very well with Project 365 so I’m doing Project As & When…..a photo as and when I remember to take one!

5th February – Our new shower room is finished. I absolutely love it. It’s so much nicer in there and we’re no longer embarrassed when a visitor asks if they can use the toilet!

new bathroom

6th February – Ella loves the book we got from Vick’s

the rabbit who wanted to fall asleep and Vick's first defence

6th February – Ella



9th February – I took photos of a couple of books Ant needs for his collection so I wouldn’t forget what they are!

Conn Iggulden Wars of the roses Ravenspur

S.J Parris Conspiracy

10th February  – New book display at the charity shop where I volunteer

Blind date with a book book display


Project As & When February 4th

February 4th

Yay! January has gone. It’s February 4th and I’m happy that it’s now the second month of the year. January was so dull and boring. The sun is shining today, so much so that it looks like a spring day. The only thing that proves it isn’t is when the door is opened and the cold air rushes in!

I didn’t take many photos this week as we’ve been really busy redecorating the downstairs shower room (before and after post coming soon).

29th January – I found these in Nanny’s garden when we were having a tidy up for her. I haven’t used the macro setting on my camera for months so I brought these home and had a play with the camera.

Project As & When February 4th

Project As & When February 4th

Project As & When February 4th

Project As & When February 4th

1st February – I do the weighing at my Slimming World group. It was a cold morning that called for a hot chocolate before weigh in began 🙂

Project As & When February 4th

Staying the 1st, I started a new book today. I managed to read 6 books in January so I’m 2 ahead of my challenge to read a book a week this year.

Project As & When February 4th

February 2nd – The super wonderful husband and I went to buy wood and fixings for the new shelf unit he’s built for me in the shower room.

Project As & When February 4th



Project As & When – January 28th

January 28th

Saturday, January 28th – Here are my photos from this week, as and when I remembered to take one!

Sunday 22nd January – Ella wanted curls for school the next day. These curlers were from Ebay and they’re really easy to put in. The curls the next day were excellent.

Saturday 28th As & When project - Ella in curlers

Monday 23rd January – The super wonderful husband and I went shopping for bathroom paint and wallpaper. I saw this floor lamp in The range and fell in love with it. At £100 it’s a bit pricey. Maybe one day!

Saturday 28th As & When project - floor lamp

Tuesday 24th January – I worked at the charity shop this morning and just had to buy these books!

Saturday 28th As & When project - Pile of books

Wednesday 25th January – I got slimmer of the month at Slimming World after losing 10.5lb in January

Saturday 28th As & When project - Slimming World Slimmer of the Week certificate

Thursday 26th January – I finished my 5th book for my Goodreads challenge

Saturday 28th As & When project - Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

Friday 27th January

The new book display at my local St Barnabas charity shop

killer thrillers book display


Project As & When! January 21st

Photos from the week

Saturday, January 21st – As you may know, I’m not very good at Project 365. When I missed the second day of January, I knew it didn’t bode well for my project! I’m now doing Project As & When – photos as and when I remembered to take them during the week. :o)

Sunday 15th January

Ella’s new bedding

January 21st Ella's new bedding

Monday 16th January

I started a new book for my Goodreads challenge

January 16th The forgetting time book

Tuesday 17th January

Ella at bedtime :o)

January 21st Ella

Thursday 19th January

My new mug – I LOVE it!

My new hedgehog mug

Saturday 21st January

Watching Lemony Snickett on Netflix with Ella while Kaycee’s away for the weekend at her friend’s house.

Netflix Lemony Snickett

Project 365 – Failed yet again!


I just can’t seem to remember to take a photo a day. I failed again I missed the 12th and the 13th this week so I’ve decided not to pressure myself. Instead of doing Project 365, I’m going to do ‘Project As & When’ – photos as and when I remember to take them!

7th January

Chi-Chi – I was supposed to be a family wedding today. I suffered from migraines most of last week and Saturday was no exception. Chi-Chi was supposed to be spending the day on her own until Granddad got back from the wedding but I looked after her instead 🙂

Project 365 failed - Chi-Chi day 7

8th January

I finally managed to pack away the rest of the Christmas stuff and the mantelpiece looks so boring now. It made me sad.
What I hadn’t noticed in the photo at first, though, because I was looking at the mantel, was the cleavage on show on Coronation Street. The super wonderful husband and a man on Instagram did notice, however, and commented as such! :oD

Corrie on the tv above the mantelpiece

9th January

The super wonderful husband took delivery of his brand new KitchenAid and was very, very pleased with his purchase 🙂

Red KitchenAid Artisan

10th January

Ella had this bed set on her Amazon wishlist for a while so her brother and his fiancee bought it her for Christmas. She is absolutely delighted with it!

Pug bedding

14th January

I started reading Gone Girl because I kept hearing how good it was but I have to say, I’m struggling to keep going. I’m about halfway through and it’s been a bit of a slog. I’m going to try and get to the end but I’m not holding out much hope!

Gone Girl