Ella posing at HomeSense! – Sunday Photo

Ella Posing

We went to HomeSense yesterday and I let Ella have my phone. She took lots and lots of photos, from hair and beauty to furniture and food.
I also found quite a few selfies and when I saw this one of Ella posing, I knew I had to blog it.

She loves taking selfies and I’ve blogged about my phone getting full of Ella selfies before! She’s a bit obsessed to be honest!

I can’t wait till she’s old enough to have her phone so she can fill that with selfies instead of filling mine! I have over 400 photos on my phone and I reckon half of them are of Ella.
At least I’ll always have plenty pf photos of her 🙂

Ella posing

Ella Selfies – Pencil Drawing Effect

Ella selfies

I’ve written a few times how I love finding Ella selfies on my phone. I found a few more tonight and I love the photo effects she’s used 🙂

Ella selfies




Ella’s had my phone again!


I reckon she’s going to be a selfie master by the time she’s actually old enough to have her own social media accounts to post her selfies to! I found 100 photos on my phone today and over half of … Continue reading