The Top 3 Things to do to Prevent Your Furnace from Malfunctioning

Most homeowners don’t give much attention to their furnace unless it stops heating the house or malfunctions when winter has already started. Such mechanical faults cause the furnace to overheat or not emit any heat at all. A malfunctioning furnace is dangerous because the leaking […]

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Kevin The Carrot Is Back! Aldi Christmas Advert 2017 #Kevinthecarrot #KevinandKatie

We all fell in love with Kevin Carrot last year and I was delighted to see him return this year. What’s even better, he’s now got a lovely lady friend! I love the bit where he says, I think I’ve peed myself! I can’t wait […]

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Memory Foam Mattress Topper – SleepyPeople

When Ant and I went on holiday earlier this year, I had some of the best sleep I’ve had for years. There was a memory foam mattress on the bed that was so comfy I woke without back pain which was very unusual for me. […]

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