The Patio Is Down, Repeat, The Patio Is Down!

New Patio – Yay!!! I’m so excited to share the photos of my new patio 🙂 I knew I was going to love it and I absolutely do 🙂 Ant’s been working on it every spare moment he had. He’s had to go to B&Q […]

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A Summer Of Relaxation – 12 Ways To Chill Out

12 Ways To Chill Out What do you think when you hear the word summer – except that it’s already here and now? Most people think of a sunny day, a pair of comfy flip flops and a melting scoop of ice cream. Somehow, we […]

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3 Ways That Chem Dry Can Work For Your Home Instead Of Steam Cleaning

Chem Dry Instead f Steam Cleaning If you are looking to clean your carpet, you should perhaps try Chem dry instead of using the traditional method of steam cleaning. Now, why should you decide to do that? Well, let us elucidate further in the following […]

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