March 18th – Project As & When

March 18th Project As & When

March 18th – We’ve spent a lot of time in our garden and Nanny’s garden this week. Lots of work has been done and we’re happy with the progress we’re making 🙂


Ella came to help us dig up the brick path at Nanny’s and Ant transported them to our house, in the car.

March 18th Project As & When Ella helping in Nanny's garden

We have plans to use them in a new raised bed 🙂 We still have the same amount, maybe more, to fetch from Nanny’s.

Bricks for raised bed

Chi-Chi had to have a bath after helping us in the garden!

Chi-Chi getting dirty in the garden

I made a hearty cottage pie for the workers when we got home. They enjoyed it and said it was delicious 🙂

Cottage pie for dinner

Ant made a delicious Irish Stew in honour of St Patrick’s Day 🙂

Irish Stew and Soda Farls


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