Saturday, 2 August 2014

Looking back - Aiden's first day of school

Shell Louise

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Is it really that time again? It seems the annual school uniform shop comes round faster with each year that passes.

I'm sure no one enjoys uniform shopping; I actually dread it every year but this is worse because not having to buy infants school uniform anymore makes me sad. Ella, the youngest (and there certainly won't be anymore!) has left infants school and now needs a complete new uniform for junior school.
I've said it before but I'll say it again, I'm going to miss that school.

I started thinking about Aiden's first day there. It feels like it was just yesterday that he looked like this....

and it's hard to comprehend that not only is he 14 now, he only has 2 years left at secondary school! My baby will be going to college before I know it and Kaycee's going to be starting secondary school.

Time is a funny thing. You can't wait for them to reach each new stage and to see how they grow and what they'll become but it makes you so sad when you look back on photos like this and realise how much time has gone and how fast it's racing on.

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  1. Yes, it happens so quickly. My daughters are 40 and 36. I can't believe it. Cherish each moment.

  2. If only we could pause time...I love looking back at old photos and even though it makes me nostalgic for past times I'm so glad I'm an avid photographer of ordinary life! It means I can relive the good old times and continue to enjoy life in the moment.

  3. Wow, 14 must feel so grown up when you look at this little boy! :) I wish we could hold time, and yet there are moments (like this morning) where I feel like I'd do anything for them to grow up and sit quietly reading somewhere...l(ike that ever happens!) ;) x

  4. I can't even imagine having a 14-year old. My eldest is about to start Year Two and that feels soo grown-up but she'll be in her last year of infants. :(

  5. Each school year seems to go faster and faster, it seems just last year that my daughter started at pre-school and is now heading off to junior school to start Year 3

  6. So touching xxx you're so right, I can't wait for Reuben to do new things and start the next stage but it makes me sad that he won't be this cheeky, lovely little monkey for much longer. Thank you for sharing xxx

  7. You're right, time does go far too quickly. If I had my way, my children would stay my babies forever!


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