Saturday, 6 July 2013

Photo Challenge - June 29th - July 5th

29th June - I started digging up the path in Nanny's garden as it needs re-laying. It's a mammoth job as it must be at least 40-50 metres long! 

June 30th - Ella's older sister, Kellyann, bought her new and Kaycee new clothes. When I got the camera out, Ella did her usual modelling!

July 1st - I started digging up some old turf on Nanny's garden ready for the new turf which was being delivered the next day.

July 2nd - New turf! You can read all about the progress in Nanny's garden on my How Does Your Garden Grow post which is linked up to the wonderful Mammasaurus :)

July 3rd - I got my 6 stone award at Slimming World :) I got Ant to take a photo and I've finally seen a difference between my start photo when I was 31 stone and today's photo at 25 stone. Still a long way to go but slow and steady wins the race :)

July 4th - My step-son, Jervais, was helping me in Nanny's garden today and he found this teeny tiny frog. It was so cute. It fit on the end of my finger, it was so small!

July 5th - I've made a start on re-laying Nanny's path. We sent her a photo and she's not sure she wants the stone sections so wide so we're thinking of adding 2 more bricks so there's 6 in each section instead of 4.

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  1. Good luck with the path - it looks really hard work but bet it will be well worth it by time you finish!

  2. Wow! Well done you on sorting our the pathway, that's a mammoth job and I'm not sure I'd know where to start! Congratulations on the 6 stone award as well.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  3. Many congratulations on your 6st award! That's an incredible achievement and certainly motivation to carry on :-)

  4. yaaay to the 6 stone milestone you are doing so well MIchelle. Nanny's garden is coming along really well and what a find to see that tiny frog! although it would have made me jump x

  5. MASSIVE congratulations on the 6 stone award you so deserve it you have worked so so heard honey x

  6. Garden is looking fab!!!!

    And well done on the award!!

  7. Well done on the award and what a treasure you are making over Nanny's garden.

  8. Six stone, that is amazing! Losing weight is so difficult, I am only trying to lose a couple of stone and I am finding it really tough, so that is amazing.

  9. Wow. Do you fancy coming round and finishing my garden for me??


Awwww thanks :D


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